Park Homes for Sale

Where is a good place to find park homes for sale?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a park home, lodge or static caravan, October 4, 2017

Fed up of high living costs? Tired of house maintenance, don’t feel secure in your own home or feeling isolated from those around you? Did you know, investing in a park home is the smart alternative? That is why more and more people are taking the plunge and looking for park homes for sale.

For those who have always dreamed of living a more relaxed and secure lifestyle, park home living makes that dream a reality. But finding park homes for sale isn’t always a straightforward business. Park homes come in a variety of guises. From contemporary and stylish to traditional cottage style homes or whether you for a cheaper second hand model or go for peace of mind and opt for a brand new one. Deciding which one best suits a buyer’s needs can be time-consuming and daunting.

That is why a great place to find park homes for sale is the Sell My Group website.

Easily see the options

Conveniently divided into sections, the Sell My Group website gives prospective buyers all the options at a glance. Click on Sell My Park Home and browse through the county you want to line in and price range you want. In each section, buyers can find both new and used park homes for sale. If one type of park  isn’t for them, they can move to another section and keep looking.

The Sell My Group website is packed with essential and helpful information. It can be viewed in the comfort of a buyer’s’ homes, taking away the worry of a hard sell. The spec of each park home is clearly displayed, along with all other relevant information. Buyers can browse at their leisure and easily arrange a viewing or look at the park pages. The park pages will usually include the park rules for the park.

Discover a whole new world

There is more to park home living than just modern, low maintenance properties. The Sell My Group website informs buyers about local amenities and gives them a flavour of what a park home community is like. With easily downloadable brochures for each property, buyers can find out everything they need to know about a property before they decide to view it. Sell My Group even supplies directions.

Having the time to digest all the options, helps buyers make important choices. Some may have their heart set on a countryside retreat, discovering a a park home set in a rural location is within their means. Others may not realise there are park homes for sale nowadays with stunning, modern bathrooms – with just a shower. There is no need to plump for a home with bath – park homes are about easy living.

Find park homes for sale with Sell My Group

Who wants to chance living in sheltered accomodation or warden assisted flats? High living costs and lack of privacy from neighbours, and what about a garden to potter around in? If you’ve hankered after a peaceful life in a park home, there’s never been a better time. Check out park homes for sale at and enjoy a virtual tour of the park home lifestyle from the comfort of your home. Need further persuasion on why you should look at a retiring to a park home? Read our article here.

From rural retreats to seaside hideaways, there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself spoilt for choice. Fancy joining a friendly group of people interested in park home living? Come and join the Sell My Group Group on Facebook.