How are park homes made?

How Are Park Homes Built?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, April 12, 2018

While many people living in the UK have heard of park homes, how many of us really know how manufacturers build park homes?  Plenty of people find the idea of retiring to a quiet, secluded community to be very appealing.  Therefore, there is naturally going to be a lot of effort put into getting these properties just right.

Many new buyers can find the process of finding a park home daunting.  While all park properties promise to offer luxury and comfort, how do you know if a property and park are really right for you?  Here at SellMyGroup, we present properties to you which are appealing, well-built, and wonderfully maintained.  What’s more, we want to give you the best advice possible on what to look for from the perfect park home.

As well as helping you find the best park home for you, SellMyGroup will help you to relocate.  Additionally, if you would prefer a bespoke home, with unique fixtures and fittings, we will help you find a park that helps to facilitate this need.  It’s worth noting that modern park homes arrive with full furnishings.  This can include everything from white goods in the kitchen to carpet on the floors!  Therefore, it is one less problem you won’t have to worry about.

In this guide, we’ll take a quick look at what goes into the building of a park home and a park community itself.  Before you find the perfect property and make an offer, it makes sense to know a little bit about what to expect!

What is a Park Home?

A park home is a property which can look a lot different from your everyday bricks and mortar property.  Park homes differ from traditional housing not only in the way that they are built but also in the materials used.  Park properties often have a lot more flexibility to work with during design and manufacture.  On top of this, people build park homes for a very specific purpose.  This purpose is obviously very different to that of your average suburban townhouse!

It is worth remembering, too, that there are differences between static caravans and park homes.  Both types of property are available at residential parks.  However, residential lodges and homes arrive in better quality build and specification.  That’s because, for the most part, people buy park homes for permanent, residential living.  Static caravans are more popular with holiday homeowners.  However, in either case, it may surprise you at how high-quality construction and finishing actually is.

What Are The Homes Made Of?

While tradtional properties are made from brick, cement, mortar and tile, park homes use strong, alternative materials for a long-term purpose.  While there is nothing wrong with brick housing, there is a specific look to park homes which is only possible through using steel and timber.  Both materials help to give off a luxury aesthetic, as well as plenty of reinforcement and support.  Park homes in steel and timber are easy to maintain and are resistant against much of what the weather and the outside world throws at them.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Park Home?

Park homes actually don’t take too long to build.  The process can change depending on the size of the factory making them.  What’s more, building the perfect park home takes a lot of care and attention.  The perfect luxury properties will take time and effort to perfect!  Park home building is a meticulous process.  This means that designers and builders use only the best professional tools and standards.

The Park Home Building Process

Let’s look at the actual building of a park home.  At the very start of the process, the manufacturer will normally start with the floor of the home.  This is important, as not only will it supply the base for the property, but it means that they can work on simple electrics and plumbing.  Before installing walls, manufacturers will make sure to fully insulate the floor.

From here, builders will use cranes to erect and install walls onto the park home, before moving onto the roof.  Park home roof building normally takes place at ground level for ease and for quality manufacture.

Once the outer shell is complete, builders will then focus on the park home interior.  This means that they will finish installing electrics and will install insulation as homeowners expect.  Once the interior is complete, prospective owners can then ask builders to coat and finish the exterior property.  This is subject to planning permission and site owner approval.  A homeowner might ask for cladding, for example, in external timber or stucco.

Park Home Personalisation

A homeowner can then ask builders to personalise the interior of their home a little further.  This means that they will fit furniture, carpets and even change the layout of some rooms if a buyer requests it.  This also means that builders will focus on en-suite features in bedrooms and bathrooms.  At the end of the process, builders will focus on installing any carpets, flooring or more electrics that a buyer or homeowner desires.

Once everything is up and running, a buyer will be able to check over the home before signing off.  This means that if there is anything they would like to change; they will need to speak up now!  If they are happy to move forward, property inspections will then make sure the home is fit for purpose.  This is always a good thing, as it means that buyers can then move into their home safe in the knowledge that it is safe, and that it passes all checks. 

The best thing to remember is that park home manufacturers work closely with all buyers and owners.  This means they keep owners right at the heart of the process.  From insulation to bespoke design choices and furniture fittings, park home builders will make sure everything is completely perfect.

What Are the Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home?

As you can see, park home building means that buyers can specify exactly what they want from their new property.  While you would need to move into a pre-existing space or design outside of a park community, in many cases, you can choose how everything looks and performs. 

There are also many more benefits to living the park home lifestyle.  After the building of a park home, buyers can move into an idyllic location.  Residential parks are often exclusive to retirees and semi-retirees, which means that anyone moving in gets the reassurance of a slower pace of living.

Gated communities and residential parks benefit from wonderful surroundings.  Not only do park homeowners get access to a beautiful, luxury and bespoke property, but they get to move into landscaped grounds.  Park site owners work hard to make sure that residents have access to incredible convenience as well as a close-knit neighbourhood.

Also, there is plenty of security and reassurance.  Park owners watch and patrol gated communities to ensure that their residents are safe and protected all year round.  This also means that you have complete control over your own personal security at your park home.

Flexible and Ideally Located

There are plenty more benefits to living the park home lifestyle.  For one thing, take a look at some of the brilliant locations of some of the UK’s best park communities!  Popular holiday locations such as Devon, the Lake District and the Norfolk Coast have several park communities ready to welcome you.

Park home building is meticulous and exact.  It’s important that residents have access to functional luxury all year round!  However, many people choose park homes on their surroundings as much as the buildings themselves.  There is a wonderful balance!

Many residential parks benefit from local country walks or views of the coast.  Park home living appeals to people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of towns and cities.  Therefore, these homes offer stunning, bespoke luxury, as well as peaceful, idyllic surroundings.

Not all park homes are bespoke, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look for them!  Here at SellMyGroup, we help park home buyers find their perfect properties.  You might want to move closer to the South coast, for example, or you might simply be looking for a quiet home close to family.  Building the perfect park home takes time and effort; however, it is certainly worth it!

Finding Your Ideal Home

Are you looking for the perfect park home in your area?  Maybe you’d like to move somewhere quiet and peaceful in your region.  In any case, always make sure to look for properties through SellMyGroup.  We work with some of the best-loved and best-rated park communities and operators in the UK.

You’ll even be able to have a say in how your park home looks!  Take a look at some of our guides on park home living, such as our guide to park home myths, and start looking for your perfect getaway.  We are always here to help!