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Why Lodge Holiday Ownership has Transformed How We Holiday

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, January 16, 2018

It’s safe to say that more and more of us are choosing to explore Britain to the fullest!  The UK is full of wonderful escapes.  From countryside to coast, to all the heritage in between, it’s a wonder why more people aren’t choosing to take on a staycation.  However, the holiday homes available to buy have seen changes over the years.  This is because of many different reasons – however, they are all positive!  Lodge holidays, for example, are more popular now than they ever were ten years ago.

That’s partly thanks to the availability of lodges.  As British holidays rise in popularity, we are seeing more parks take up luxury lodges and pitches.  Therefore, British holidaymakers now have more of a choice when it comes to luxury, high-end accommodation.  The stigma of holiday parks offering low quality caravans and housing is a thing of the past.

But what else is changing?  How are lodge holidays, and increasing lodge developments, changing the way we choose to spend our free time?  Let’s take a closer look.

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What’s Changing?

Owning a holiday lodge is a sound investment.  While years ago, people may have seen them as a luxury or even a frivolity, families and retirees are paying more attention to the finer properties available at holiday parks.  An increase in interest in British holidays means that holiday parks are taking more chances on lodges.  The more people who sign up at parks, the more interest there is likely to be in lodge properties.

What’s more, a lovely lodge property is a fantastic gateway to year-long holidays!  Holiday parks no longer close at the end of the season.  Many are open twelve months a year!  Therefore, people can now buy lodges and head out to them across the autumn and winter if they like.  These changes are creeping in across the UK, and it only means good news for holidayers, as well as our British economy.

You can now buy a holiday home in a lodge for seasonal breaks at Christmas and New Year, for example.  Therefore, holidaymakers and homeowners don’t just have to plan their summer holidays around their lodges!  They are fast becoming a great alternative to country cottages.

Changes for Holiday Parks

Naturally, increasing interest in British holidays is always going to be great news for holiday parks.  This means that they can start developing more homes and extending their land.  Furthermore, lodge holidays make for perfect extended seasons.  As parks open up for longer, they can of course take on more revenue.

This has a positive knock-on effect for everyone!  Not only does this mean business is booming for park owners, it also means the local economy receives a huge boost.  It also means that any money going into the park itself will go into developments and changes.  Therefore, homeowners and holidaymakers can expect bigger and better facilities.  It’s a fantastic cycle!

A New Breed of Holiday Homeowner

Lodge holidays are growing in popularity because there is a new breed of holidayer emerging.  Here at SellMyGroup, we’ve seen first-hand how lodges are changing the way people see holiday homes.  Many people may still think of static caravans and pitches when the term ‘holiday home’ comes up.  However, modern holidaymakers are looking for something with a little more space, and a little more convenience.

Don’t get us wrong!  Caravans and pitches will always be popular with people across the UK.  However, lodges are giving holidaymakers the chance to take on British breaks with a little more legroom and convenience.  Lodges and luxury properties are like homes away from home.  They have all the modern conveniences you’d expect.  What’s more, their designs are stunning.  Some have incredible interior designs and exterior touches that really need viewing up close.

For that reason, if you ask many British holidaymakers, you’ll find that a lodge has become a ‘must-have’ asset.  Rather than just a simple foothold near the coast or in the country, people are buying lodges to complement their lifestyles.  In an environment where we are emerging from years of austerity, these are very promising trends indeed!  Therefore, we always encourage our visitors to take a look at the lodges out there to buy up and down the UK.

Affordable Luxury

So, let’s think about costs.  What’s pushing people to buy luxury lodges?  Not long ago, British people were worrying constantly about money.  The infamous ‘credit crunch’ from a few years back really didn’t help matters.  Has the economy started to heal?  It’s not quite as simple as that.  However, signs show that people are seeing the genuine value in buying a lodge.  Rather than buying a static caravan outright, and upgrading it as they go, people invest in lodges that give them everything they want as soon as they move in.

Holiday lodges are famous for being fabulous.  They offer huge living spaces and spectacular furnishings!  For many people, lodge holidays are first-class alternatives to staying in a B&B or going camping.  When you buy a lodge, you have access to a great-looking home that you can holiday in all year round.  Therefore, buying into a lodge property while you can is actually a very smart move.  We can always use a few assets here and there!

Why Are Holiday Lodges Such Great Assets?

Let’s take a look at why people buy holiday lodges.  Lodge holidays are perfect for anyone who wants to just ‘hit the ground running’.  There is no set-up needed.  You head to a lodge property that’s big, warm and fully accessible.  Furthermore, you get stacks of space.  One major issue some people have with static caravans is a lack of storage.  With a lodge, you never have to worry.  You get tons of floor space, as well as extra storage to use as you please.

Walking into your own lodge property is a fantastic feeling.  There’s something special about owning a luxury property in the heart of the UK’s countryside or coast.  Not only is it an accessible foothold, but it’s also a tiny slice of paradise you won’t have to pay extra to go back to again and again.  Therefore, lodge holidays are hugely popular with people looking for spectacular convenience.  Who can blame them?

Finding Out More About Lodges

If you’re new to the idea of lodge holidays, Sell My Group has tons of great resources to help you find out more.  Owning a holiday lodge at a park comes with some amazing benefits!  What’s more, we can help you find your perfect property.  We list with some of the best-loved parks and resorts across England, Scotland and Wales.  Therefore, you’ll have access to some truly stunning properties that you can head back to all year round.

All it takes is a quick search through our catalogue of parks and properties.  We make it easy for you to narrow down your hunt, meaning you can select locations, prices and facilities as you browse.  You can even book viewings if you want to know more, and you can also contact site owners for more information.  We recommend that you should – if you get the itch!

Great Lodges in the UK

We’re proud to list some stunning lodges all over the country.  Here are just a few parks we’re always proud to bring to holidaymakers’ attentions:

  • Thornton Lodge Country Retreatsis a beautiful park set against the backdrop of the Howardian Hills.  It’s set in a quiet corner of a working farm, and the lodges here look over a blissful lake.  It’s the perfect choice for couples, families and even solo travellers looking for a quiet break away.
  • Hillview Lodgesoffer stunning cottage properties across the year.  This park development is in the heart of rural Southern Shropshire.  You’ll find it easy to get to popular market towns such as Bridgnorth, Ludlow and Cleobury Mortimer.
  • Wigmore Lakes, meanwhile, gives you breath-taking views of the Welsh Hills, as well as the rolling landscapes across Southern Shropshire.  It’s a brilliant way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  There’s a quiet quarry nearby, as well as the famous River Severn.  You can also head to famous historical attractions such as Shrewsbury Castle, just a few miles away.  For history as well as stunning countryside views, it’s a fantastic choice.

Finding the Perfect Holiday Lodge

If you’re new to the idea of lodge holidays, we’re here to help.  Make sure to read more of our guides on the park home lifestyle before you go hunting for any holiday properties!  Above all, don’t feel that you have to pay a lot to access affordable luxury.  Millions of people enjoy lodge holidays each year, and what’s more, interest in the British holiday scene is only going to grow from here.

Why not join the British holidayers who are making the most of the country and coast?  Use Sell My Group’s fantastic listings engine and search for your perfect getaway.  Make an investment in an asset you’ll adore for years to come!