Own A Holiday Home in The Yorkshire Dales

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Its outstanding beauty and sheer size has made the Yorkshire Dales a national treasure. Taking in 680 square miles, it is the UK’s second largest National Park. Only the Lake District is bigger. A popular destination for walkers, artists and sightseers, this is a place that appeals to people with varied interests. Located mostly in North Yorkshire, but also Cumbria, the Yorkshire Dales is a popular choice for those seeking a holiday home. Offering breathtaking […]


2017 Park Home Report

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While the national news has been full of doom and gloom concerning Brexit, the park  industry is positively thriving. As the consequences of the UK leaving the EU is still undetermined, much uncertainty prevails amongst both businesses and individuals as to what the financial fallout may bring. However, the prediction for the park  industry is further growth, despite the backdrop of Brexit. Both annual trading figures, as well as the demand for park home ownership, […]


downsizing into a park home

Ideas to make Smaller Spaces in Park Homes Bigger

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Downsizing into a park home comes with lots of benefits. The amazing community, the security and peace of mind. But one issue that can arise is the size of a park home.  The obvious benefit of living in a smaller home is that it is easier to keep clean and maintain compared to a traditional property. However, as most moves are downsizing into a park home, size and space can be an issue. The layout […]


Park home survey

Park Home Surveys: Question & Answers

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At Sell My Group we are often asked by park home and lodge buyers whether a survey is a good idea. As a park industry portal, so we thought it would be a good idea to ask an expert in this field. Nick Norrie is the Managing Director, Principal Chartered Surveyor & Chartered Building Engineer of Subject II Survey Ltd. Chartered Surveyors.  Below are the answers to the most common questions that we are asked […]


Jargon Buster for Static Caravans

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Holiday parks have become an extremely popular place for British people to spend time. Whether it is for retirement, a long summer holiday, or just the odd weekend away. For the uninitiated, some of the holiday park terminology used can be a little confusing. So we have put together a guide for you here. A Jargon Buster for the Static Caravan Industry. Whether you are looking to buy a holiday home, rent or sell, this […]