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The Benefits of A Park Home Life

Posted by Sell My Group in Retirement, February 5, 2019

by Maureen Murnan For many of us, we can only dream of moving somewhere which feeds our souls and makes us happy to get out of bed to begin each new day afresh. But if you get the right residential park home in the right location that’s exactly what can happen, and that dream might be more accessible than you think. Blissful location For Maureen Murnan that dream has become a reality, and a most beautiful reality it […]


Relax with a Park Home..

Posted by Sell My Group in Buying, January 21, 2019

By Bella Brodie There are so many reasons for buying a park home, with one of the main reasons being the readiness to relax and enjoy a different pace of life. Downsizing can also enable retirement or semi-retirement, taking a lot of pressure off from a myriad of perspectives. The location is often also a major point of advantage that park homes have over most brick-built properties. Over the years many parks have evolved from […]


Prestige Dovecote

Exciting news from a park perspective

Posted by Justin Allitt in News, December 5, 2018

Prestige Homeseeker helps parks unlock potential which could revolutionise the industry  has just been announced from one of the industry’s leading leisure lodge manufacturers, Prestige Homeseeker. Prestige Homeseeker announced a new funding scheme which could be set to help unlock potential for many parks looking to expand or invest in their own rental lodge fleet. The park and leisure home sector has changed almost beyond recognition over the past few decades, bucking the trend withgood […]



Freedom of choice

Posted by Justin Allitt in News, December 5, 2018

One of the luxuries of getting a little older is that as life progresses you find that new options and opportunities regularly present themselves, and you’re more likely to have the flexibility to actually follow them if you choose to. How you spend your time You also get to be a little more selective over how you spend your time, and that often means you can use it in a way you really enjoy, spending […]


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Park Industry Review 2018/2019

Posted by Justin Allitt in News, November 12, 2018

A look at the park and leisure homes sales landscape by Bella Brodie 2018 has been an inconsistent year in many ways, and early on there were some unexpected, yet pleasant surprises which undoubtedly contributed to stop-start activity in the industry, such as the success of the England football team and the scorching summer which beat 1976 to become the hottest on record. Towards the end of 2018, property search activity in the residential market […]