Park Home Maintenance; Gutters and fascias

Park Home Gutters and fascias

Posted by Justin Allitt in Park Homes, September 30, 2014

Part of  your maintenance is looking after your park home gutters and fascias. Newer park homes usually have a dual pitch roof, with UPVC gutters and down pipes. It is usual for park homes and holiday homes to have rainwater down pipes that discharge onto the ground only. This can cause problems and we recommend that wherever possible the gutters should flow into soakaways.

The fascia boards on older park homes are made from timber boarding, with newer homes having protective UPVC boards The picture depicts a common situation with gutters not having a soakaway, it can cause the following issues:

  • Slip hazard, especially in winter
  • Undermines landscaping
  • Cause damp to the skirt – which can spread to the structure of the home
  • Water to collect and pool on the base, this can lead to damp musty smells forming within the floors of the home internally.The second picture depicts a traditional timber fascia board, these boards are susceptible to damp and rot, this can then spread to other areas of the timber structure.

Prevention is always the best way for any type of maintenance and looking after your park home gutters and fascias is no different. So we recommend installing soakaways to the downpipes and UPVC fascia boards to replace the timber boards. These are maintenance free and will not rot or distort. Another important job for maintaining your park home is to clear the gutters on a regular basis, this will allow water to run-off.

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