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Posted by Sell My Group in Comment, September 29, 2016

7 Reasons For The Rise In Popularity Of Park Home Living

We have recently pointed out that the demand for park home living is experiencing a real spike. With average pitch values at an eight-year high, and more properties are being sold than ever before. But why exactly are park homes proving so popular in recent years? We’ve taken a look at seven reasons for the popularity of park home living.

Loss Of Community Spirit

In recent years, it seems like community spirit has died out in a lot of neighbourhoods in the UK. A recent survey revealed that as few as 5% of us know the names of our neighbours living on the same road. While some people are perfectly happy to live this more insular lifestyle, there are those from earlier years who remember and look for the closeness and security of having a close-knit community, park home living can be a great option. Parks are usually situated away from town and city centres, whether by the sea side or in the country. As a consequence, parks have become thriving communities of their own. The fact that community spirit is disappearing so quickly around the country could be one reason why more people are flocking to parks to live.


Nowadays we’re more and more aware of the impact that we have on the environment, whether it’s through our vehicles, our rubbish or indeed, our homes. With more park homes being built all the time, it’s only right that they’re made sure to be as eco-friendly as possible, what this means is that not only do park home residents save on their bills, but they also do their bit for the environment!

Uncertainty In The Market

Many feared that the UK’s decision to exit the European Union could throw the housing market into chaos, and while that hasn’t quite happened yet, there certainly is still a degree of uncertainty. The first figures post-Brexit have shown that house price growth has definitely slowed down although it’s perhaps still a bit too early really gauge the impact that the vote will have. Either way, the fact that park homes are so much more affordable than traditional homes is still a very attractive proposition, especially for those who are wishing to downsize.

More Protection

2013 saw the introduction of the Mobile Homes Act, which has given park home residents much more legal protection. This means that parks are now much better run, and residents are much more well looked after. Now that these regulations have been in place for three years, we can assume that park home living is becoming an even more attractive proposition, as ‘rogue’ park owners are punished.

Peace & Quiet

While it might seem like a lot of people are choosing to flock to the nation’s cities and towns, the opposite is also true as well! According to the Office for National Statistics, over half a million will choose to move to more rural areas in search of respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Of course, park homes are the perfect way to do so, as they’re entirely detached from other homes, with the park itself being situated away from urban areas.


The fact that park homes are tucked away on their own also brings another benefit which could explain why they’re still proving so popular, which is security. The appeal of living in a secluded community where everybody looks after each other holds great appeal to those who might be worried about the safety of their home. And with most parks being fitted out with CCTV as well as having site staff on hand to make sure nobody gets in who shouldn’t you can rest assured on a park.

Park home living is perfect for retirees

While we have seen more and more younger residents moving into park homes, including families, it goes without saying that the vast majority of residents are retirees, and many parks have upper age limits. This is because park homes make perfect sense for those who are looking to downsize after their families have flown the nest, and with an ageing population, it’s understandable that more people will be looking at taking up park home living as an option.

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