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Launch of Recommended Park Scheme

Recommend Park Scheme

Interested in buying a park or holiday home but worried about taking the next step? Are you concerned that you might end up buying a property that doesn’t deliver everything in the sales pitch? Worried about being mis-sold a home? We can now recommend parks.

At Sell My Group, we take the buying and selling of park and holiday homes extremely seriously. We are passionate about people being able to realise their dream of park home ownership with confidence. That is why we have launched our Recommended Park scheme.

Why launch a Recommended Park scheme?

The park lifestyle is an increasingly attractive prospect for those who want to downsize to a rural retreat or coastal resort and release equity to spend in their retirement or purchase a holiday home in the UK. Park home and holiday ownership offers luxury living and the freedom to enjoy life to the full. At the same time, it offers peace and tranquility in a secure, welcoming community.

Addressing concerns

But, when searching for the right property for you, how do you know that the details you are viewing are accurate? Is the park genuinely located on a quiet site just a stone’s throw from local amenities? Is on-site parking next to your home or a considerable distance away? All these things and many more, are valid concerns for those thinking of investing their hard-earned cash in a park home.

Promoting transparency

Sell My Group wants to take those worries away by making the buying and selling process more transparent. Our new Recommended Park scheme protects buyers – people just like you – ensuring properties are advertised with the correct details and that all park information is up-to-date and verified.

Why buyers should look for the Recommended Park Scheme badge

When using Sell My Group and individual park websites to search for a property, look for the Sell My Group Recommended Park badge. If you are new to the park lifestyle or have concerns, this badge is a sign of quality. Every park awarded a Sell My Group Recommended Park badge has been vetted and recognised for excellence.

Know it’s genuine

You will know that any home listed for sale at the park is genuine and all the details about the property and the site are correct. Images used to promote properties will not be misleading and you can be guaranteed on-site facilities and features have all been verified.

High standards for Recommended Parks

Sell My Group only awards its Recommended Park badge to site owners who meet our tough criteria. The scheme is about recognising excellence and improving standards across the park home industry.

Why park owners need a Sell My Group badge

Interest in lifestyle living is growing. More and more people are realising that they can afford to buy into the dream. But concerns about  buying something that doesn’t quite meet their needs stops many from making the move. At Sell My Group, we want to change that.

Confidence to Invest

We want people interested in lifestyle living to know that they can buy the home they have always wanted without having to worry. The Sell My Group Recommended Park scheme gives people the confidence to invest in park homes.

Recognising Excellence

Our Recommended Park scheme recognises excellence. It works in partnership with park owners to highlight good practice and increase referral rates. Every Recommended Park has its own page on the Sell My Group platform as well as a Sell My Group Recommended Park badge for its own website.

A powerful Tool that Rewards Best Practice

By becoming a Sell My Group Recommended Park, site owners instantly win the trust of genuine buyers – people who want to invest in lifestyle living but only with a park recognised for excellence.

Real Benefits

Our Recommended Parks gain increased exposure, attract more leads, can promote new developments to an interested, already engaged audience and enjoy the benefits of receiving feedback from members of the Sell My Group community.

Find out more about applying to become a Sell My Group Recommended Park by contacting Justin Allitt at