Are Residential Parks the Solution to the Retirement Home Shortage?

Are Residential Parks the Solution to the Retirement Home Shortage?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, July 14, 2018

In the UK, there is an aging population. We’ve probably all heard this, but are we aware of what it means? An aging population is one where there is a large number of older, retired people. This is due to the UK’s excellent healthcare and the quality of life. As a consequence of this people are living longer. Births are outnumbering deaths by a considerable amount which means we have more and more people living in the country. At least 18% of the population of the UK is over 65. The number over 85 is 2.4% (according to the office of National statistics).

Demand for Retirement Homes

Because of the ageing population, there has been an increase in the demand for retirement homes all over the country. Retired people often want to move into smaller homes which are easier to manage. However, there is a limited stock of suitable accommodation. This leaves older home owners stuck in larger proprerties. This then has a knock on effect for the property market. Younger buyers aren’t able to move into larger properties because they just aren’t available.

While there are many retirement homes and companies offering incredibly luxurious properties all over the country, these aren’t always a popular choice. Many people feel that moving into a retirement home is a step away from independence – which they don’t want to lose, understandably. Park homes, located on a residential park can provide an excellent alternative to retirement homes. They are small enough that they’re attractive to older, retired people yet they allow these people to retain their independence for a longer time.

Benefits of Residential Parks

Park homes are independent, individual homes which are smaller than normal houses mainly located on residential parks. A concern that a lot of people have when downsizing is the cost. Retired people want to free up a lot of their funds so they can enjoy their retirement with some extra cash. Buying a standard retirement property can often eat into these funds and leave you with little cash. Park homes are not only cheaper overall, but you can sometimes park exchange, where you use the profits from your home to buy a park home and keep the difference.

This affordability allows retired people to enjoy the freedom of owning their own home, without having to break the bank. They can still be left with a lot of cash which is 100% their own so they can enjoy their retirement in style and comfort on a residential park. Not only this but because park homes are completely individual, retired people don’t have to feel like they are ‘being looked after’ or ‘losing their independence’. Because this is a common concern for a lot of older people, park homes are designed with you in mind.


They are specifically designed so that you can retain your independence for as long as possible. That is why a lot of them are bungalows – so you don’t have to traverse stairs which you may feel unsteady on. They are all designed to be open and easy to access – so no high cupboards or things that may be out of your reach. This is why so many older retired people feel like park homes are becoming a much better alternative to retirement homes.

In the UK there is a lack of retirement stock. With increasing numbers of an aging population, a common problem in the developed world. It is clear that this situation is not sustainable. As the retired are staying in the family homes longer that they can’t cope with. It also means that younger people are finding it harder and harder to get onto the property ladder as there aren’t enough houses for them to buy. Older people are also having to make the difficult choice between staying in a house which is too big for them or moving into a retirement property which can cost a fortune. By moving into a retirement property they also feel like they are losing their independence – which they don’t want.

None of us want our independence taken away from us. The desire for independece goes hand in hand with physical ability. Park homes are such an ingenious solution to this problem because they are solve many of the issues. Park homes located in residential parks allow residents independence and freedom. Yet they are small and comfortable enough that they make the perfect properties for those who are looking to downsize.

Residential Park Home Communities

Residential parks are designed for a specific demographic. Made exclusively for retired people, residential parks are a close knit community of people who no longer work, but aren’t ready for the pipe and slippers life just yet. For those who move into a park home, they will benefit from their continued independence, but the peace of mind of knowing they aren’t alone in their community.

Residential parks are sustainable for the local community. They meet the needs of local areas quickly and efficiently, and they don’t cost too much to build. Park homes on residential parks are far better at meeting local demand. Park home construction is quicker time than tradional brick built properties. They provide a number of quality homes for the retired community without taking up too much valuable land space. It also makes more sense than building a retirement home which people might not want to move into.

For the retired, moving to a park home on a residential park makes sense. Moving into a park home will solve all of your issues such as moving into a smaller home. Another feature, while freeing up some much needed cash to enjoy your retirement. Surrounded by like minded people who understand a residents needs and allowing residents their independence. Park home living is the perfect solution to the shortage in retirement homes. They they make so much sense for a country with an aging population like we have.