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Sad News for Wessex Park Homes

Posted by Justin Allitt in Manufacturers, July 18, 2013

Since this blog was written, the Omar Group has bought Wessex Park and Leisure Homes. Read details of Omar aquiring Wessex.

It is always a sad time when a park home and lodge manufacturer ceases trading. Unfortunately this has befallen Wessex Park and Leisure Homes. Having traded for fifty years they are to cease trading and this statement was taken from their web-site:

After 50 years of trading the Wessex Park home and Leisure Lodge business is unfortunately closing.

It is with great sadness to announce that Wessex park and Leisure homes will not be undertaking any new orders. The intensified competitive market place over the past 5 years has rendered us unable to continue to operate viably.

The result is that we now have to wind down our activities. It is our intention to do this as a controlled voluntary closure whereby existing accepted orders are completed but no further orders are launched to Production. No further orders will therefore be accepted from today. We may be able to assist existing customers to ease the transition to alternative manufacturers by support with design and procurement aspects if required.

We intend to secure the provision of After sales support until all warranties are discharged.

By taking these steps now we believe we will be able to meet our commitments to customers, employees and suppliers. We are still ‘liquid’ and do not therefore anticipate a forced liquidation.

There follows an explanation of what this will mean too you depending on the nature of the relationship between you and the company:

If you are an existing customer of Wessex Park Homes:

We are unable to take further orders beyond any that you may have in the process which will be concluded in the normal manner. You will appreciate that there may be a bit more fluidity of our work force as we all work to secure their futures alongside completing the homes in the system. We will endeavour to avoid and minimise any impact of this on delivery dates. Where delivery dates are particularly sensitive we would like to have discussions with you at the earliest opportunity. We can then best manage expectations.

If you are a prospective new customer:

Whilst unable to supply  a broad knowledge of our competitors strengths and weaknesses and will be happy to offer advice about the best match with your requirements.

If you are a Supplier:

We will work closely with each of you to conclude our trading relationship as cleanly as possible.

If you are an employee:

We will share the visibility of the remaining work in the pipeline with you to give you visibility of the amount of work remaining.

We will meet regularly to update you on how things are progressing and any developments.

We will pay all notice, holiday and redundancy entitlements and will support where we can with your search for alternative employment.

The intention is to work through this sad but necessary stage as professionally as we can and respect the interests of the different stakeholders of the business.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jon Day

Managing Director

Our thanks to so many good customers for your business, support and friendship.