Securing Your Holiday Home Over Winter

A Guide To Securing Your Holiday Home Over Winter

Posted by Sell My Group in Comment, November 13, 2016

Winter brings with it its own set of challenge for all homeowners. These challenges are multiplied for holiday home owners.

As great as they are, holiday homes aren’t as well insulated as bricks and mortar homes. There’s also the risk of water freezing and the pipes bursting, among other things.

With this in mind, it’s really important to take some steps to protect your holiday home before you leave it for the winter.

Here are a few things you might want to try;

Switch Off the Water in Your Holiday Home

You should always make sure to turn off your water supply at the stopcock before leaving. Also make sure that all water equipment is fully drained down.

This is done by opening all of the drain plugs, turning on the taps and shower, flushing the toilet and removing any residual water from them all.

You should add a little bit of anti-freeze into the remaining water in the toilet ball. This makes sure that is doesn’t freeze.

If you have a combi-boiler you can find out how to drain this in your manufacturer’s instructions or follow this link.

Remove Valuables

A park will be very secure. However, it’s still advised not to leave any valuables lying around throughout the winter if you’re not going to be using the property.

Things such as TVs or music systems should either be removed, put away or covered up. Just to be on the safe side!


It’s also a good idea to give everything a good clean before leaving. This includes all of the work tops, the cooker and the inside of the fridge.

Also make doubly sure that there’s no perishable food left over in the lodge before leaving. This is as left over food may attract rodents and other pests over the winter. However, tinned and canned goods will be fine.

Also be sure that you’ve removed all of the rubbish from your outside bins so that these don’t attract any unwanted visitors!

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One of the big problems holiday homes face over the winter is condensation. Consequently, it’s a good idea keep any bedding and upholstery away from the walls and windows when you leave for the winter. You could also store them in vacuum packs.

You may also wish to purchase a small dehumidifier, to prevent damp from building up and prevent mould.

Make Sure Fire Hazards Are Dealt With

Make sure you keep fire hazards well away. This includes things like oil and gas canisters.

This may seem obvious, but make sure you thoroughly check that you have unplugged all of your electrical appliances from the mains.

Finally, just when you’re about the leave, make sure you go through room by room. Make sure you are certain absolutely everything is unplugged.

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Entrust Someone To Check In Your Holiday Home

If possible, try to contact a neighbour or someone else at the holiday park. They may be able to pop by and check on your lodge for you.

If you’ve taken the necessary steps, it’s always a nice feeling to have reassurance.

As you can see, you it doesn’t take a lot of effort to protect your holiday home for the winter seasons. You’ll also definitely see the benefit when you come back to visit. 

Bear in mind that some parks will also offer ‘winterisation’ services for the property. This means they will take care of some of these things for you.

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