Decking and Skirting – A Beginner’s Guide

Why Use Decking and Skirting On A Static Caravan? – A Beginner’s Guide

Posted by Sell My Group in Comment, November 4, 2019

When buying a holiday home, whether a static caravan or lodge for the first time, there are many physical fixtures and fittings you need to bear in mind.  While you can buy a holiday home complete (with decking and skirting), in some cases you may have the option of arranging decking and skirting yourself.  Alternatively, you may want to improve what is already there (or not). But why is this and what exactly does decking and skirting for your holiday home involve?

Many holiday parks already have lodges and static caravans with skirting and decking set up for you.  However, if you are buying a static home without such amenities, there are reasons you should consider having it.

Why Use Decking and Skirting?

One of the main reasons people invest in static caravan decking and skirting for their properties is to help ‘complete’ the look of their holiday caravan or lodge.  Available in a wide variety of materials, these systems can help to blend a property in with the general neighbourhood.  It can also be used to give off a specific aesthetic or feel that particularly appeals to you.  Decking extends the size of your home and provides an outside room and skirting allows your storage to be hid.

Ultimately, what you do with your skirting or decking is up to you, providing your park operator is happy to proceed.  You may even be a park operator keen to set up skirting and decking at your site.

In any case, here are some good reasons why skirting systems, and solid decking solutions can help to improve the look and feel of a holiday park property.

  • The aesthetic of your caravan or lodge is immediately improved.  It can help to create a luxurious, classical or even contemporary exterior appeal.
  • Many people choose to install skirting and decking to help their holiday properties feel more ‘homely’.  It can certainly make for quite the transformation.
  • There are many comfort benefits in installing skirting and decking solutions, too.  Solid, impenetrable deckimg and skirt will work hard to insulate your property.  That means there will be little to no risk of heat escaping during the colder months. 
  • The heat protection in place, too, will lower your risk of experiencing draughts.  Even in the milder seasons, this is a positive point to consider.
  • Water pipes are always at risk of freezing during the colder seasons.  While some holiday parks will have their own schemes where you can pay for staff to keep your property from freezing up in the months to come.  However, skirting and decking will help to keep your pipes warm, so there is a reduced risk of this occurring in the first instance.
  • Decking can add amazing financial value to your property, not just visual value.  This is certainly worth keeping in mind if you would like to sell your holiday caravan in time to come.
  • There is also added security in installing decking and skirting for your holiday property.  Without a perimeter, your static caravan or lodge may be at risk of criminal damage or potential intrusion, particularly from underneath.  Installing a solid decking and skirting helps this issue.

What is Decking and Skirting Made Out Of?

There are many different material choices available for static caravans and holiday homes.  A popular choice can be UPVC, which is cheap and reasonably durable.  However, if you take a look around holiday parks in the UK, you will also notice that wooden decking is very popular.  This is not only thanks to its timeless, natural look but also due to its relative affordability. (Click here to look at examples of decking and skirting fitted by UK Sundecks).

However, do be careful when it comes to the material you buy your static caravan decking or skirting in.  Wood, of course, is going to be an immediate fire risk regardless of how careful you are with your property and what you do on the veranda.  Although it can look ideal when setting up in a park that’s close to local woodland or countryside.

uPVC is a popular choice for this reason, and it is further popular thanks to its versatility in design and colour schemes available.  Therefore, it may be worth looking at this material before considering the wood option.

Some people prefer a steel structure which is encased with uPVC, as used by AB Sundecks (Click here to read about their low maintenance deck design). Arguably, this style of decking will out perform wooden counterparts and is ideal for the British weather. What’s more, steel skirting and decks are very versatile.  It is well worth looking at available styles and consulting with an expert to find out more about bespoke options and services.

Decking and Skirting- A Subframe
An AB Sundecks subframe

Things to Check with a Park Operator

If you are considering setting up decking or skirting at a holiday property and are in contract with an operator, you must approach site officials before you enter into any agreements with builders and installers.  While it is your property to do with as you wish, there are still rules and obligations you will have agreed to.  Failure to adhere to these will, of course, put you at risk of legal action and/or expulsion from the park.

Therefore, here’s a handy breakdown of points you should discuss with a park operator before you approach a contractor for static caravan decking and skirting.

  • Do check your agreement and licensing carefully.  Many park operators will be lenient when it comes to you modifying your pitch.  However, all will likely require that you at least obtain written permission.  If you have any concerns, make sure to read through your contractual agreements with a solicitor before you get started.
  • Make sure that your park operator has provisions in place for ventilation at your property.  Some associations require operators to install ventilation for decking and skirting as a matter of health and safety.  However, this may vary.  It is imperative that skirting is ventilated to prevent build-up of gas.  All park operators have clear health and safety guidelines in place and will be well aware that decking and skirting are increasingly popular.
  • Your park operator may even have preferred services and materials when it comes to static caravan decking and skirting.  If they work with specific contractors, they will offer you a recommendation.  However, you may feel that you should be free to choose any contractors, materials and services you wish.  This will vary depending on the park operator you buy with.
  • If this is likely to be a major problem for you, make sure you discuss matters with your operator before you buy a pitch.  Otherwise, you may need to make compromises when getting decking and skirting installed.  Not all park operators will have these restrictions in place.
  • A major factor for park operators when agreeing to static caravan decking and skirting is how much space it will consume.  As some decking solutions can be quite expansive, some operators will ask you to submit a plan or sketch so that they can take a look at what to expect.  This may not have to be too detailed.  However, you will need to at least provide your operator with an idea of dimensions all around.  This may be a clause in your contract, so do take steps to honour your obligations.
  • Above all, do be respectful of your pitch.  Your property is yours to amend and do with as you wish within your contract.  However, you are still part of a wider neighbourhood, and are on a private plot.  Make sure to discuss any installations you have in mind with your operator before you get started, and there will be no room for doubt or concern.

Do All Static Holiday Homes Come with Decking and Skirting?

While static caravan decking may be very popular, many static caravans and lodges go without it.  This is because the price of a holiday property with decking and skirting installed can increase the asking price by a considerable amount.  However, for many people, the upfront cost is more than worth paying.  This, again, is due to the money saved on heating bills.

What’s more, decking systems are very easy to maintain.  This means you are unlikely to need to make any adjustments after installation.  Cleaning is mandatory, of course, but a contractor will let you know how to make the most out of your installation.  This is another reason why decking can add so much value to a property.  You are investing in long-term visual and practical support with virtually no fees to clear in years to come.

Buying Caravan or Lodge Decking and Skirting?

You can really improve the look and comfort of a static caravan with a fabulous decking system and perimeter skirting.  However, do make sure that you budget well in advance.  The cost of buying skirting or decking systems upfront can vary, and it is worth comparing quotes with several contractors.

Alternatively, your park operator may be able to offer you cut rates if they have a preferred installer or service in place.  In any case, always discuss any home modifications you’d like to look into with your operator in plenty of advance. If you are looking for decking for a holiday home, Sell My Group recommends UK Sundecks, Click Here to UK Sundecks website.

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