What are Staycations?

What are Staycations?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, August 10, 2017

Staycations are on the rise – but why are more and more of us choosing to holiday on home soil?  Let’s take a look.

Foreign holidays are always going to be popular.  The appeal of different cultures, better weather and different food and drink is hard to ignore!  However, it is actually getting more popular for British people to stay at home when they take breaks.  This has led to a huge craze in something people call ‘staycations.

The name might sound a bit daft, but there are actually plenty of great reasons to holiday at home.  As any holiday homeowner will tell you, the UK offers some truly magnificent breaks!  What’s more, we are all still needing to tighten our belts.  Many people simply cannot afford to go abroad every summer, or even more than once a year!

Here at Sell My Group, we know only too well how appealing a British holiday can be.  You could take a trip to the famous south coast, or you could explore the rolling Yorkshire countryside.  You could even explore the National Parks or take in all the wonderful heritage the East of England has to offer.  As you can see from the parks we list for, there’s a huge amount of choice.

In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at why staycations are so popular, and what the knock-on effect is going to be for holiday homeowners in the years to come.

Is Investment Growing?

In recent years, we reported that research suggests more and more people are investing in holiday homes.  Back in 2015, we were delighted to hear that the holiday park trade was booming year on year.  As this may change in future, we of course won’t pin down any specific statistics – but ultimately, the thirst for holiday homes is still very strong indeed.

From static caravans to camping sites, British holidaymakers are voting with their money as to where they want to spend their breaks.  Political changes in recent years have changed the way we see the economy slightly, too.  However, despite changes on a global scale, we are still buying and staying in holiday properties across the UK.  It’s a really great sign!

Sell My Group lists holiday parks, static caravans and other properties up and down the country.  We’re continuing to see some sites actively expand, too!  This means some holiday parks are adding tens of new pitches and lodges due to demand.  And why not?

Where is Demand Coming From?

To be able to understand why staycations are so popular, it’s also worth considering exactly who is buying holiday homes.  It’s not just people from the UK!  Despite changes in world politics, people continue to invest in UK holiday lodges and pitches from abroad.  This may change in years to come, but it is great to see the British tourist trade continuing to see uphill trends.

What Does This All Mean for Home Sellers and Parks?

As you can imagine, park owners and sellers hugely welcome staycations!  If things continue as they are, it is only going to mean that more properties sell, and that parks are able to expand beyond their means.  This, of course, means more revenue, and it also means a little more hope for the British economy.

Increasing interest in staycations means that park sites can enhance their facilities, too.  That’s because, with an increase in revenue, comes an increase in investment.  We are already seeing some well-established parks expand by putting in swimming pools, spas and even on-site gyms.  Some holiday parks even have full restaurants, pubs and cafés!  Staycations are actively helping holiday parks to grow and evolve, and that’s a very good thing for everyone involved.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that holiday homes are getting more expensive.  Many parks increase fees in line with inflation, however, there is always a risk that staycations will curtail if prices spike too much.  With the UK’s economy having been through recession, modern holidaymakers are still very much in ‘bargain mode’.  Therefore, it’s in a park’s best interests to offer brilliant value to people they want to entice!

All in all, it’s even better news for people who staycation.  Holiday parks are improving and expanding.  Parks continue to focus on offering great value to their visitors, even if prices need to increase.  While all the doom and gloom of politics and economic change ebb and flow, one thing stays the same – British people will always want to go on holiday, and plenty of them will want to stay at home.

Will Investment Stay Healthy?

It is hard to say quite what will happen to holiday home investment in years to come.  For reasons stated above, we feel it’s unlikely holiday parks will ever sharply fall out of fashion.  Big changes in the economy may make things tighter for a lot of people, but ultimately, the best parks know how to weather these changes.  They know their public better than anyone else!  In addition to this, even if big changes in UK finance do occur, this is only likely going to keep people from holidaying abroad.  This is because people may still find it too expensive to do so!

Sell My Group is confident in the holiday home industry, even when there are big changes going on in the world.  None of us has access to a crystal ball, however, while there is demand, supply will always follow.  It’s basic mathematics!

What Are Some of the Advantage of Staycations?

Now we’ve dissected a lot of this topic in detail, it’s time to really think about why a staycation might be on the cards for you in the future.  If you’ve never thought about spending a summer in Somerset or a winter in Worcestershire before, there are plenty of great reasons to take a closer look.

It’s Cheaper Than Going Abroad

This is something we’ve already made clear, but it bears repeating.  It is getting more and more expensive to leave the country.  Staycations are incredibly cost-effective, certainly on the long-term wallet.  Rather than having to pay for flights and premium rates for accommodation on the continent, you only ever pay for the fuel to travel a few miles cross-country.  Rates at holiday parks are set to appeal to the British Bargain Hunter, and in addition to this, buying a holiday home makes a genuinely lucrative long-term investment.

It’s Easier Than Going Abroad

Going abroad takes a lot of time, effort and planning.  Think about all the packing you have to do, all the queuing at airports, and the travel time itself.  It can really dampen your holiday mood.  With staycations, all you need to do is plan for a short drive and an extended stay.  If you buy a holiday home, you never have to pay for accommodation again!  Buying your own holiday home also means you don’t have to plan again and again and again.

There’s So Much to Explore

You only have to take a look at some of the amazing holiday parks we list for to see what’s out there.  The UK is home to some of the most amazing country walks and sites of historical interest.  From the Jurassic Coast down in Dorset to the spectacular Pennines, Blighty’s natural beauty really can’t be undersold.  There’s also traditional seaside towns and plenty of big cities which should satisfy the modern holidaymaker.

The only thing foreign holidays really have over staycations is the weather!  You can’t say that the UK doesn’t have a diverse culture – as you only have to look around you.

You’re Funding the British Economy

As we’ve all seen, the British economy can be fairly shaky, especially given political events of recent years.  While we never really know what’s going to happen to our financial status over the years, it makes sense to try and keep our businesses and industries ticking over.  People who buy into holiday homes are putting money back into the British system.  Each staycation adds to the national bank, and each holiday home purchase is another boost to the holiday home industry in general.  We’re always excited to help buyers find their ideal resorts.


Staycations not only appeal to British holidaymakers in general, but UK holidays are always going to appeal to tourists from abroad.  Regardless of what happens to the economy, trade and other global shifts, the UK’s culture and heritage is always going to be fascinating.  Nowhere else in the world has our rich history and diversity in holiday experiences.  That’s one of the biggest reasons why Sell My Group is always so pleased to bring new parks and properties to interested buyers.

Staycations are, in the face of political and economic change, unlikely to become unpopular.  Will the need to save money is always a priority, British holidays will stay dear to people’s hearts.  Much more than that, we need to consider that holidaymakers have much more to explore than they assume.  The UK’s holiday industry is holding strong – and long may it continue.