Why downsizing is a good idea

Why Downsizing is a Good Idea

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, April 19, 2018

Have you ever thought about moving to a smaller home?  This is often known as ‘downsizing’.  On paper, moving from a big property to a smaller one can seem a little odd.  However, there are actually plenty of benefits in making such a change.  When retiring, for example, many people think about downsizing to a park home.

That’s because park homes are often much smaller than most properties.  Not only are these homes more manageable that three-storey buildings, they can even be more comfortable.  Of course, your own experience may vary!

However, if you are approaching retirement, you may be thinking about what you’d like to do with your current property.  Why not consider downsizing?  If you’re new to the idea of a park home, make sure to take a read through of our guide below.  There are plenty of great reasons why shrinking your property could save you a lot of time and stress!

Smaller Homes are More Manageable

Let’s start by addressing the obvious – smaller homes are much easier to look after than bigger properties.  Park homes are one-level properties, which means there are no flights of stairs for you to go up and down.  As we get older, we can’t always do all the things we used to be able to.  Therefore, we are at risk of tiring out quicker, and may even have more aches and pains.  Why make things worse by managing a big, awkward house?

Downsizing your home offers a great solution.  Park homes are generally smaller than everyday properties.  However, they can actually be more comfortable!  As well as having less space to cover, you have less cleaning and maintenance to do.  That’s an immediate plus point if you’re tired of having to do endless chores and DIY.

However, one thing to remember is that you’re never compromising on luxury.  Park homes offer an incredible amount of freedom and space despite being relatively small properties!  By downsizing to a park home, you are making things easy on yourself.  You’ll never feel as though you are cramming yourself into a tight space!

Downsizing is Affordable

You’ll save money by downsizing, too!  Many people choose to downsize for the savings.  Park homes offer a really affordable option because, again, they are easier to manage.  You’ll pay less for maintaining and running your home.  As your property will be smaller than most, your energy rates and bills will be lower, too!  Therefore, many retiring people choose park homes so they don’t have to spend too much of their savings on daily costs.

What’s more, by downsizing, you can release any equity you have on your current home.  This means you can save a little bit of profit from your house sale to put towards your retirement!  You may even want to use it on a particularly luxury park home in a wonderful part of the country.  The choice is yours!

You’ll Join a Community

Moving or downsizing to a park home also means you’ll be joining a great community.  Park home communities are full of like-minded people.  They will all be looking for a slower pace of living, and to relieve themselves from the stresses of everyday concerns.  You might be worrying that, if you are moving away on your own, you will feel as though you are isolating yourself.  This really isn’t the case!

One of the greatest things to keep in mind about downsizing to a park home is the fact that you’ll be able to make new friends very quickly.  It’s not just a case of you moving your things from one property to another!  Therefore, when you move, you’ll find that residents live in fairly close quarters.  You’ll still have plenty of independence and seclusion when you want private space, of course!

However, many parks do offer community groups, rooms and activities.  Therefore, you will never feel pangs of isolation in a residential community.  Thousands of people who move into park homes love the community spirit.  There’s every chance you’ll make some good friends!  Just because you are no longer working, doesn’t mean your social life has to grind to a halt!

You’ll Cut Down on Maintenance

As mentioned above, a park home requires little looking after.  Most of them are new builds!  This might not sound like a big deal but think about how much care and attention older properties need.  Newer homes require much less maintenance for obvious reasons.  Even if you downsize to a park home that is a few years old, you will still find there is less for you to do here than at a bricks-and-mortar property.

It’s important to find somewhere easy to maintain and look after as you get older.  You may not be able to do all the physical activities you use to.  With a park home, there is never any concern that you’ll need to replace a faulty boiler or fix leaky taps.  A lot of the time, park owners will make sure you receive plenty of cover and care!

Park Homes are Amazingly Secure

A great reason for downsizing to a park home is for security.  As we get older, we are naturally going to worry more about our safety.  We may not be as alert as we once were.  Therefore, instead of worrying about having to keep a close eye on our properties, we can move into communities where safety and security are already in place for you.

In a park home community, you will benefit from having lots of like-minded neighbours close by.  Everyone is in the same boat!  That means park homeowners look after each other and look out for one another.  It’s wonderful to be able to move into a community that genuinely cares for every last resident.

Another great reason to move into a residential park is the fact that you will probably benefit from a front gate.  This is why some residential parks are called ‘gated communities’.  Therefore, all houses and land fence off and kept private from public access.  Most of the time, you can only access parks from single roads.  What’s more, only park residents and visitors will be able to get in and out.  Therefore, as well as having your own home security, there is extra protection right at the front gates.

If you’d like visitors to come and stay with you, simply ask your park owners and make sure to get a visitor fob or pass set up.  You should have your own access key, fob or card, which means you can come and go as you please!

You’ll Move to a Wonderful Location

Finally, downsizing to a park home means you’ll have a pick of some truly magnificent British locations.  When you retire, you will find yourself with a lot of free time!  This might seem scary, especially if you don’t have many hobbies, but park communities can really open up a world of possibility. 

Most park communities are not only close to local attractions but have fantastic transport links.  Therefore, you should think about moving to a park if you’re keen to explore some of the wider sights the UK has to offer.  Even better, of course, is the fact that you can take local links to go and visit friends and family.  Therefore, while you will downsize to a smaller home, you won’t ever be far from civilisation.  Most parks have nearby bus stops and road links so you can get out and about whenever you want to.  It’s amazingly independent!

Sell My Group lists park communities based up and down the country in some truly spectacular locations.  From the stunning, sparkling coasts to the lush countryside, you’ll be able to get close to natural beauty.  There are sights to see and trails to explore you would otherwise avoid, being stuck in the city!

Parks in thoughtful locations will encourage you to explore local heritage, country walks and entertainment.  Downsizing will be even better, therefore, if you already have a few keen interests, and you know where you’d like to go.  All you need to do is take a quick look through our listings and find your perfect corner of the UK to retire to!


Downsizing can seem scary.  Therefore, there’s little wonder why so many people choose to take moving to park homes so carefully!  However, moving from a traditional property to a park home can give you an immense feeling of relief.  There will be less jobs for you to do, fewer bills to pay, and you’ll have more choice of what you can get out and do in your local area.  You’ll make new friends, and you’ll be on the doorstep of some truly wonderful British walks and attractions.

Many park homeowners already know the benefits of downsizing.  Are you already in the process of moving?  Do you know of any more benefits to downsizing that we haven’t covered here?  Please let us know, as we would love to hear and share your stories!