Downsizing your home

Why downsizing is a good idea

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, April 19, 2018

When retiring, many people think about downsizing to a park home. There are many reasons why people choose to buy a park home.

Park homes are often smaller than most homes, which is why so many people choose them. There are so many benefits, such as smaller homes being more manageable. And quite often, smaller homes are more comfortable and easier to look after.

If you’re coming up to retirement age, and aren’t sure about what to do with your home then you’re in the right place. We’ve come up with some excellent reasons that you should consider downsizing.


Let’s start by addressing the obvious – smaller homes are easier to look after. One of the things you will have realised as you get older is that we can’t do all the things you used to. This means that we get tired quicker and have more aches and pains.

Downsizing your home to live in a park home is a great solution to these problems. These homes are usually smaller than normal homes, but remain comfortable. This means you have less space to clean and maintain. But you aren’t compromising on luxury, as most of these places are still spacious. By downsizing to a park home, you are making it easier for yourself, without feeling like you are living somewhere too cramped.


Downsizing is an option that most people choose because it is more affordable. Park homes are a really affordable option because they are smaller and easier to manage. This makes them a great choice for those who are retired, or are looking to retire.

By downsizing, you can release the equity on your current house. The equity is the profit you will make on a house when you sell. This means that you can save some money toward retirement. Or if you’re already retired, it can give you a little boost to see you through.


Downsizing to a park home doesn’t just mean that you’re moving your stuff from one place to another. Moving to a park home means that you’re becoming a member of a great community of like minded people. If you are moving on your own, then moving away from family and friends can be difficult. You may worry about feeling isolated but not with a park home.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about downsizing to live in a park home is the sense of community here. Because all the residents live in relatively close quarters, everyone gets to know one another. There are also many parks where there are community rooms and activities. Many parks hold regular social activities and groups meaning that you won’t feel isolated here. Many people who have downsized to a park home have often said that they have made some really great friends here. Just because your working life has stopped doesn’t mean your social life needs to!


Most park homes are fairly new builds. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you consider how much upkeep they require, it is. Because new builds are all made from materials and equipment which are only a couple of years old, they require less maintenance than older houses.

As we age, your physical health won’t be what it once was. So it’s important that you choose somewhere that will be easy when downsizing. With park homes, you won’t be having to replace faulty boilers, or dodgy taps. Because everything is new you can rest assured that your park home is there for you.


As we get older, we worry more about our safety. We’re not as alert as we once were, and we may feel a bit unsure about defending our home should something happen. This is yet another reason why park homes are something you should consider when downsizing. Because they are in a community of other houses, you always have neighbours nearby should you need anything. Everyone here is in the same boat and you’ll always find someone willing to help out.

Another great thing about choosing a park home is most of them are situated within a gated area. This means that all of the houses and land is fenced off and only accessible via a single road. Most of the time this road is locked to outside visitors. Every resident of these parks is given a key to unlock the gate automatically from your car or bag. This means that everyone on the park is meant to be there. And if you want visitors to stay, you can always request a visitor pass code for them to use during their time with you.


When you retire, you suddenly will find yourself with plenty of free time. This is a thought which scares a lot of people, especially those who don’t necessarily have many hobbies. This is why downsizing to a park home is a great idea for those who are retired. Another reason the location is great in park homes is that they often have amazing transport links. So if you want to go and visit family and friends, you’re only a short way away from motorways, train stations or bus routes.

Park homes are often located in amazing places all over the country, so you can find plenty to do. Because they are designed with people like you in mind, they are placed thoughtfully. This means that you can find plenty of fun things to do outside of the community, and fill up those suddenly free hours! From walks in nature, to cultural and historical towns and cities, park homes’ locations vary so much. If you already have a particular interest in something then you can choose a home which is close to things that you know you’ll enjoy.

Are there any other benefits of downsizing here that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know, we love to hear stories from people who have been through this process already!