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Are you looking for an ABI Harrogate? Breathtaking luxury in a lodge.

Time to unwind is a luxury. The Harrogate is designed to make it priceless. Lavished with luxuries, this sumptuous lodge indulges every whim, pampers every sense and leaves you breathless. Vistas are mesmerising – vast and innumerable. Sleep is blissful. Every second spent here feels indulgent. Every experience is designed to deepen your relaxation. From the minute you step inside, every experience deepens your relaxation. Breakfast becomes a banquet, as everyone lingers a little longer to enjoy not just the food but the view from the table. Dark nights are that much richer, as cathedral style windows let countless constellations and the brilliant moonlight pour in.

41' x 20' / 2 bedroom

42' x 20' / 3 bedroom