The Échappé, a home of immense style and stunning, ultra-modern character to truly inspire.

Our latest creation brings to the market a new, high-end home of breath-taking style in a stunningly simple colour palette of greys and white. It’s a head-turning creation, packed with luxuries – and with a name that precisely conjures thoughts of a new lifestyle, perfectly in line with a reason many people buy a Lissett home.

Weight of a home - A typical home weighs at least 20 tonnes.

Insulation in the homes - 90mm Kingspan to walls, 150mm Isowool to the floors and 300mm Isowool to the ceilings.

BS3632 - This is the residential standard for park homes and lodges which Lissett comfortably exceed.

All mattresses supplied in a LIssett Home are 3,000 pocket sprung.

What is a U Value? (Unit W/m²k)

A U value is the rate of heat transfer per square metre of a structure i.e. the wall, roof or floor. The lower this figure is the better as this means there is less heat transfer. The U value is calculated by evaluating the insulation effect of the component parts of the building's structure.

What is air permeability? (Unit is m³/hm² (@50Pa))

46' x 22'

48' x 22'

50' x 22'

52' x 22'

54' x 22'

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