The Savannah is modern holiday living at its best and the perfect setting for a break with the children or grandchildren. 

An elegant exterior canopy adds shade to a spacious porch, the perfect spot to relax with family or guests. French doors lead into the airy lounge with its vaulted ceiling and charming feature gallery, creating an ideal environment for entertaining.  This is a quality built home with a wide choice of internal finishes and a unique wood grain exterior, available in brown or white. The gas central heating, full double glazing and insulation all contribute to making this a very economical home to run and perfect for all year use.

Weight of a home - A typical home weighs at least 20 tonnes.

Insulation in the homes - 90mm Kingspan to walls, 150mm Isowool to the floors and 300mm Isowool to the ceilings.

BS3632 - This is the residential standard for park homes and lodges which Lissett comfortably exceed.

All mattresses supplied in a LIssett Home are 3,000 pocket sprung.

What is a U Value? (Unit W/m²k)

A U value is the rate of heat transfer per square metre of a structure i.e. the wall, roof or floor. The lower this figure is the better as this means there is less heat transfer. The U value is calculated by evaluating the insulation effect of the component parts of the building's structure.

What is air permeability? (Unit is m³/hm² (@50Pa))

42' 6" x 20' 2"

44' 6" x 20' 2"

46' 6" x 20' 2"

46' 6" x 20' 2"

50' 6" x 20' 2"

50' 6" x 20' 2"

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