Introducing … The Revolution

We know a home is far beyond just somewhere to rest your head, The Croft is a spacious yet cosy lodge created to be everything to you.

Its mystery, quality and leading design is shaped to emancipate your imagination and offer ultimate luxury at a surprisingly affordable rate.

The design scheme features rich, velvety fabrics in deep, luxurious colours which is carried throughout the home. This, combined with the glamorous dark wood retro furniture makes the overall feel one of enchantment, charm and practicality. The plush carpet and soft, pastel wall colours will evoke a warm, cosy emotion particularly in the intimate living room, hosting a bespoke fireplace and large French doors.

This single home measures at 45 x 13 as standard but features rich accents you wouldn’t expect to find in a single home. With vaulted ceilings throughout, a fully integrated kitchen and two luxurious bedrooms, the layout sits perfectly in the open plan space creating an airy light feel.

Both bedrooms are comfortable and carry the sensation of charm and indulgence. The fully integrated kitchen houses all the modern appliances you need for lodge living and with plenty of built in storage we have truly made the most of space. This special home also boasts an accommodating and refreshing shower room accentuating the idea of boutique hotel living.

  • Built to BS362:2015 residential standard
  • Exterior cedar cladding
  • Dark Grey UPVC double glazed doors and windows
  • Brushed Chrome exterior lights
  • Combi boiler
  • Fully integrated kitchen
  • Alpine lodge style roof line
  • Private integrated balcony
  • Fully integrated kitchen appliances

34’ x 12’ 1 Bedroom

45’ x 13’ 2 Bedroom

60’ x 13’ 3 Bedroom