All of our buildings are built from SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) which we manufacture in our own factory.

Modular Lodges


SIPs are one of the most environmentally friendly building systems accessible. Our constructions provide continuous insulation that is airtight, facilitating superior control of indoor air quality. This, in turn, reduces construction waste and preserves natural resources. Life cycle analyses show that SIPs structures significantly diminish energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions during the entire building life cycle.

Our objective is to conceive and fabricate the most creative and superior quality modular leisure and glamping buildings in the United Kingdom. By combining the innovative ideas of imaginative individuals with cutting-edge techniques, we develop concepts that surpass the demands of the leisure market in unprecedented ways.

Boutique, lavish, contemporary… all terms that are equivalent to our Mini Lodge series. The incomparable thermal efficiency and optional smart technologies add to the allure, ensuring that your guests will have a truly remarkable experience to share with others.

Our latest lodge collection was created with precise targets in mind, including crisp designs, superior finishing, low maintenance, and low operating costs. Modular Lodges are set to become the 'next generation' of holiday park accommodations, delivering sleek designs and comfort as standard. They are available in single and twin options.