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Stately Albion are Europe's oldest park home manufacturer, specialising in the construction of residential park homes and holiday lodges since 1963.

Stately-Albion is a renowned family owned business and prides itself on being Europe's oldest manufacturer of park homes. The company has forged the way in the world of park homes for more than fifty years, and have carefully and devotedly cultivated a range of residential park homes that cater for all needs, styles and finances. Celebrating its Golden anniversary a few years ago in 2013, the company is an honoured family firm – with some dedicated loyal employees working there for over 25 years.

Located in Abercarn, Caerphilly, in lush South Wales, where it was established on the new industrial development at the time; The Prince of Wales Industrial Estate, Stately-Albion has remained there to this day.

The key to the celebrated longevity comes from the company’s aptitude, knowledge and skill. They have the capacity to build professional tailored residential park homes and luxury holiday lodges all centred on the customer, both in terms of design and value. Stately-Albion homes are skilfully built using contemporary modern materials and pioneering design technology, but hand-built in the traditional way with coach-building techniques and values.

Stately-Albion focuses on modern living that is comfortable, open and practical. Rooted in original caravan style products, the company now provides a deluxe tailored range of ‘bungalows’. The company aims to create models that provide the same luxuries as traditional housing, but holding on to the classic caravan capability of easy relocation.

Good maintenance and minimising repairs is vital in longevity and durability. Enhanced materials are now used; concentrated for better performance, and minimum upkeep. Stately-Albion modern homes have the advantage of enhanced timber treatments, double glazed UPVC windows, superior roof tiles and external rendering. All of this maximises value for money and investment.

Modern living which is comfortable, spacious and practical is easy to achieve, and the dream residential park homes or luxury holiday lodges can be yours. Get in touch with the team at Stately Albion and they will strive to provide expert, professional well-informed advice to cultivate your dream home no matter what the budget.

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