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Stately-Albion is a family-owned business that is renowned as Europe's oldest manufacturer of park homes. For over fifty years, the company has been at the forefront of the park home industry and has cultivated a range of residential park homes that cater to a variety of needs, styles, and budgets. In 2013, Stately-Albion celebrated its golden anniversary and is proud to be a family firm with dedicated employees who have worked there for over 25 years.

The company is located in Abercarn, Caerphilly in South Wales, where it was established on the Prince of Wales Industrial Estate. The key to its longevity is the company's expertise, knowledge, and skill in building professional, tailor-made residential park homes and luxury holiday lodges that are centered on the customer's needs. Stately-Albion homes are built using contemporary materials and design technology, but are hand-crafted in the traditional way with coach-building techniques and values.

Stately-Albion focuses on modern living that is comfortable, open, and practical. The company provides a range of bungalows, from its roots in traditional caravan style products, that offer the same luxuries as traditional housing while maintaining the classic ability to be easily relocated. The use of enhanced materials and techniques ensures good maintenance and minimal repairs, maximizing the value and investment of the homes.

With Stately-Albion, modern living that is comfortable, spacious, and practical is easy to achieve. The team is committed to providing expert, professional, and well-informed advice to help you realize your dream home, regardless of your budget. Get in touch with the team at Stately-Albion to learn more.