Zeal Tax

Zeal Tax

Zeal is a Tax Consultancy business that specialises in helping holiday and residential park owners save tax.  

Zeal offers its services nationwide and has an excellent track record of working in the hospitality industry with park owners to ensure they pay the right amount of tax.   

How can Zeal help:  

  • Capital Allowances – Unlocking the tax savings on the purchase, construction or refurbishment of parks. On average they help owners claim around £80,000 in tax savings.
  • Tax Compliance – Zeal can help with your annual tax return submissions, make sure you’re getting the right allowances and reliefs or even help with a tax dispute.  
  • Tax Advisory Unsure how to structure your business or have a complex tax query? Our specialists advise on a wide variety of issues, whether you’re selling, investing money or protecting assets. 

If you own your holiday or residential park you could be sitting on thousands of pounds in unclaimed tax savings.  To unlock them, contact Zeal today.

Got a tax question?  Zeal has a free helpline for park owners, Get in touch on 01633 287898

Tel: 01633 287898

Web address: www.gozeal.co.uk

Email: hello@gozeal.co.uk


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