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Two bed Omar Special Home

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Two bed Omar Special Home





If you are retired (+50) or semi-retired, you may want to consider the beautiful Arlington Gardens as your new retirement park this park has plenty going for it, due to its attractive rural setting-quaint, quiet and very picturesque-plus the homes themselves are designed with style and comfort in mind, built with high-quality standards to match.

Allington Gardens Park Location

Location is of course key, and this park is situated just 4 miles from the market town of Grantham and is near the village of Allington, where a post office, shop, public house and a doctor's surgery are all within easy reach. This destination is easy to find by car or public transport. It has connections with the A1 junction which is just 2 miles away, and there is a direct rail link to London and the North from Grantham station. If you drive or you rely on public transport, you should not feel disconnected from central London if required. Grantham is one of the most popular market towns in the UK. It has a population of around 44,500. Famous names to have originated from this area include the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Issac Newton was educated at its King’s School. An attraction to visit is the Woolsthorpe Manor, which was the home place of Sir Issac Newton. Woolsthrope Manor near Colsterworth, south of Grantham Is where an apple is said to have fallen from one of the trees in the gardens and prompted Newton to devise his theory of The Law of Universal Gravitation!


Not far away is Belvoir Castle and Easton Walled Gardens. Both places will make nice days out to visit. Belvoir Castle is a privately owned stately home which is open to visitors and overlooks the Vale of Belvoir. The castle is a grade 1 listed building and a corner of this castle is still used as the family home of the Manners family and it remains the seat of the Dukes of Rutland, many of which are buried in the grounds of the mausoleum. For those who enjoy visiting stately homes and looking at historic castles, this will be an excellent attraction. As mentioned you would also be in good travelling distance to Easton Walled Gardens if you were staying at Allington Gardens Park. Easton Walled Gardens offer beautiful scenery and walking space that you would likely make many repeat visits to. There are 12 acres of gardens to visit and regular events and activity sessions are held which are designed to be relaxing as well as stimulating. Furthermore, you can even enjoy some delicious foods within the gardens. A notable achievement of Grantham is that it is responsible for producing the first running diesel engine in 1882 and the UK’s first tractor in 1896! The town is also known for its gingerbread biscuits, which were first made by William Eggleston in 1740.


The town of Grantham provides plenty of different shops as well as other points of interest such as lovely gardens, country houses and a museum. You can also discover the parish of St Wulframs which is built with the tallest spire on a medieval church in England. Now, this is a very interesting landmark to visit if you have an interest in the legendary figure in Entertainment-Disney. The church contains an eye-catching double-sided Disney brass which depicts 26 members of the Disney family and the former Lords of the Manor from who Walt Disney himself descended. At this very church, you can also view tablets which honour members of 300 and 301 Polish RAF Squadrons killed on duty. There are historic aircraft up for viewing such as one of the last huge Vulcan bombers at the nearby Newark Air Museum.


There are two main regular markets, Grantham Market which is held on a Saturday at Wide Westgate, Narrow Westgate, Market Place and the Granthams Farmers Market located at Welby Street which is just off Wide Westgate. Both of these are highly busy markets, even during a time when many local markets are shrinking in trade, these two continue to thrive and offer a way to purchase sustainable good quality products.


Within Grantham, you can also find the UK's largest equine showground, Arena UK. This arena is host to many British Showjumping contests, both regional and national. If you enjoy watching the horses, this is worth keeping in mind! Tickets are often available for the events could make a great day out.


 Don't forget there are plenty of other local towns if you can travel just a little further out, where you can discover even more shops, public houses, and sports clubs. From the location of this park, you really will always be within an easy location to places where you can keep active with the communities and socialise.


Things To Do


From a walking point-of-view, this is a town with plenty of nice scenery to soak up. There is countryside for miles along with woodland and farmland. There are lots of areas to spot some great wildlife, too. You can also discover a wonderful National Trust deer park, a lovely chance to see these wonderful animals. And what could be more relaxing than taking regular strolls through the marshes and water meadows of the River Witham which is located south of Grantham? Not too far from Grantham, you may have heard about the church at Norton Disney, which is North East of Newark.


Going back to the park itself and it is a good example of an attractive rural landscape, one which should help keep peace within your surroundings. The park is built on an open plan level site. However, as you are not located far from the local village or town, connecting to the wider community is not an issue. For those who may want to keep a pet at the park, it should be noted that one dog or cat will be considered by the team. If having a pet living with you is a deal-breaker, then it is recommended to contact the park manager before progressing further with becoming a resident of this park.

Now, regarding the homes themselves, you can be reassured that each one of the new properties is fully furnished, has gas central heating and double glazing and the roofs are tiled to complete the stylish designs. Homes at this park offer choice for every room. For instance, living rooms are available in L-shaped or rectangular setups with complimenting details such as fireplaces. Many of the properties offer a separate dining room, this is great when you have company over that you want to entertain. But if you prefer, you might like your dining room and kitchen combined-this is the great thing about our homes we offer you a choice to suit your needs and lifestyle. Then we have a selection of luxurious bedrooms that will help ensure you can sleep in comfort and class! Bedrooms are fitted with built-in wardrobes, drawers and dressing table units, all attractively designed and implemented. Of course, the bathroom is a very important room and has not been overlooked by us, either. Some houses actually have two bathrooms, whilst others offer an en suite option. And you needn't worry about the temperature that the building keeps, thanks to gas central heating with radiators your home would be kept warm even during the colder days and nights. All of our new homes are furnished with carpeting, curtains and blinds as well as the light fittings, carefully matched to an individual colour scheme, chosen by interior designers to blend together attractively. However, if you have any favourite pieces of furniture that you would like to furnish your home with, you are more then welcome.


In addition, all homes have a car parking bay or garage either detached or lock-up. If you would like to see the park and its homes yourself, you can telephone one of the resident managers who will be pleased to show you around. They will also be able to offer advice and update you on the current plot availability and costs. The current pitch fees for new homes at Allington Gardens Park are £180.00 per month. We would like to reassure you that a manager is allocated to the Park on a day to day basis to help ensure the running of the park is nice and smooth.


If you are trying to find a park that is in a lovely area, full of attractive greenery, plenty of activity but also calm and quietness when needed, and great value well-built homes Allington Gardens is well worth considering.


Allington Gardens Park

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