Alvanley Park, Cheshire

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What Features Does Alvanley Park Have?

Gated community
Modern park homes
Quiet rural location
Close to local amenities
On-site private parking
Exclusively for Over-50s

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Alvanley Park, which is based near Frodsham in Cheshire, is a luxury residential community exclusive to people who are looking to slow down the pace of living.  This secure, tight-knight community will likely appeal to anyone from the local region, as well as those who may have holidayed in Cheshire and who may be looking for the ideal foothold. Cheshire, as one of the largest and most picturesque counties in the UK, is immensely popular with people who may be looking to retire somewhere quiet.

Alvanley Park offers residents the chance to move away from loud noises and bright lights they might otherwise experience out in the towns and cities.  While the park is within easy reach of these areas, they are far enough away to never offer problems to residents within the community.  Alvanley Park is a community which prides itself on offering an exclusive, unique neighbourhood which would otherwise be difficult to find in nearby suburbia.

The management team at Alvanley Park make sure to maintain a wonderful community where residents can feel safe and warm all year round.  The location of the park is also highly desirable, with plenty of green space and trails to walk down at residents’ leisure.  Close to local villages and communities elsewhere, there are always opportunities for new homeowners to take a look out at what’s available close by.

Alvanley Park encourages simple independence.  When approaching retirement, people will be looking increasingly to move somewhere simple, and to downsize to a community where they can still undertake daily life without restrictions.  Alvanley Park offers plenty of room for residents to move around and relax, as well as to explore the wider region and the various attractions nearby.  Residents can always feel free to return home to a community that is close-knit, supportive and lovingly maintained. 

About Alvanley Park

Alvanley Park is a park community which focuses on convenience, practicality and luxury in equal measure.  Some people close to retiring may find it difficult finding the perfect park which offers a balance of all three.  However, this particular community always makes sure to keep their residents happy and safe all year round.  It is a gated park, which means that only those who have authority to visit the park can access the grounds.  This means there is no risk of intrusion from members of the public, and in line with other security standards set up by the park, the managers and park staff will ensure residents have nothing to worry about.

The properties and plots at Alvanley Park are developed to offer everyday luxury.  Property styles may vary from plot to plot.  However, the park’s owners make sure to deliver seamless style throughout the neighbourhood.  Each property space is designed and aligned to offer independent living, meaning that residents can always expect to retire to their perfect properties without fear of anyone looking in.

One of the biggest reasons people choose to buy properties at Alvanley Park is for the strong community.  Many people downsizing from traditional properties to park homes will likely look for tight-knit community they can depend on.  This isn’t something that is always commonplace across suburbs and communities elsewhere in the UK, meaning that many people will likely find the spirit at Alvanley Park to be very desirable.  Residents will move alongside likeminded neighbours, which means they will likely be looking for gentler paces of living, too.

Alvanley Park offers a laid-back, rural atmosphere far from the bustling crowds of towns and cities that residents may otherwise be used to.  The park’s team is always on hand to help with any queries, and what’s more, they will also help residents comfortably settle into their new park home lifestyles.  The park is quiet and lovingly kept, which means that residents can always expect the grounds to look nothing short of stunning.  The neighbourhood perfectly suits the surrounding area, meaning that residents never feel as though they are moving into a community which sticks out sorely.

Alvanley Park is a small, cosy community which is within close reach of many amenities.  It is also easy to drive to and out of, with road links helping to connect residents to nearby towns, cities and shopping experiences.  Residents may also welcome visitors, including children, for short periods.  These will need to be arranged with the park site owners as soon as possible. 

The Location

Alvanley Park’s unique location is likely to be the biggest draw for many people.  It benefits from a spectacular rural position, offering green spaces and expanses for miles around.  This will be perfect for anyone who wants to take to walking or exploring local nature at their own pace.  Local woodland and popular nature reserves are also very easy to reach from the park itself, meaning that residents may not even need to drive or take a bus to find them.

Residents will also likely enjoy visiting Frodsham, which is the closest town and community to the park.  This market community is full of wonderful local surprises, meaning that Alvanley Park residents will be able to find all their daily supplies, as well as to get close to the tight-knit communities therein.  If the community at Alvanley Park isn’t close-knit enough, people will be able to make firm friends in the local towns with ease.

Residents will love being able to explore local woodland and nature trails which are close to the park.  However, should they wish to venture further afield, there are close road links as well as public transport options on the doorstep of the park.  Venture out of the gates, and residents will be able to take a bus into towns such as Runcorn and Northwich.

Via roads, Alvanley Park is also very easy to find and reach.  It is easy to get to with the help of GPS, with just a postcode from any direction.  It is in the heart of Alvanley, down from Frodsham and on the way to Dunham-on-the-Hill.  Residents and visitors can head from the M56 out towards these towns as well as the park itself.  As a popular community, it will be signposted across local roads and links.  Thankfully, residents will never experience noise or light pollution from the motorway, or any nearby roads.  It is just one of the major benefits of the park’s brilliant location.

Alvanley Park may be a small park, but it is one of the best in the region for a variety of nature walks and local hotspots dotted across the way.  Residents can appreciate a safe, quiet park as well as clear access to some of Cheshire's favourite sights and attractions. 

The Local Area

Alvanley Park is just down from Frodsham and is within the Alvanley area, but many people will likely want to explore communities out in Ellesmere Port for a wider variety.  For example, attractions such as the Blue Planet Aquarium are just out to the East, as well as Chester Zoo, which residents will naturally find to the North of Chester itself.  This popular town is just a few minutes' drive from the park, and will likely be a central hub for many people at the park looking for high street shopping.  Local communities elsewhere, of course, will provide residents with access to a smaller business scene.

Residents will also not be far from the cultural city of Liverpool, which is likely to be the biggest community of its kind close to the park.  Alvanley Park itself actually only a stone’s throw from the historic River Mersey.  Venturing a little further West, residents will also have access to the Lancashire coast, boasting popular seaside resorts such as Rhyl and Southport.

Other attractions close to Alvanley Park include the popular Land Rover Experience, where visitors can learn more about the immensely popular vehicle manufacturer.  Elsewhere, residents can also head to the Mere golf resort and spa.  It is likely to be a great day out opportunities for couples resident to the park.  Castle Park Arts, too, is only a short reach away.

It is always a good idea to ask the management team at Alvanley Park for more information on the local area and attractions nearby.  The park’s team are local experts, meaning that they may be able to point residents in the direction of more than a few interesting sights and sounds. 

Why Choose Alvanley Park?

Alvanley Park is a cosy, much-loved community.  Residents at the park love the neighbourly atmosphere, as well as the fantastic green reaches and surroundings along the way.  It is also a park with clear links to local surroundings, from big cities to quaint villages.

Alvanley Park presents the ideal residential escape for many people keen to find their way to a quiet, unspoilt retirement.  Properties available at Alvanley Park will vary across the seasons, however, should any become available at Sell My Group, it is prudent to book a viewing as soon as possible.  The best residential parks are those which offer seamless comfort, luxury and accessibility.


Alvanley Park
Tarvin Road

Alvanley Park Park rules The main purpose of these park rules is to ensure that park owners can provide a framework to allow all residents individual privacy, standards and comfort without interference from any other resident and that any development is controlled to the mutual benefit of all. 1. Residents must be over 50 2. Children are not allowed to reside on the park but grand children are permitted for short holidays 3. Dogs are not allowed to reside on the park but cats are allowed. 4. All the requests by residents for charges to the home, shed boundaries, or pitch should be in writing with appropriate plans showing measurements. All approvals (which will not be unreasonably withheld) or refusals by the park owners must also be in writing. Verbal agreements or failure to request approval will have no status (requiring the property to be returned to its original state at the expense of the resident) unless and until approved in writing. 5. Homes must always be in a sound, clean condition, decorated externally every three years and maintained within the original colour scheme (cream variation) when purchased. No external structural alteration or addition will be permitted without the approval of the park owners and must be within the conditions laid down by the local licensing authority. However, any reasonable request should not be unreasonably refused. 6. No home shall be used to accommodate a number of persons in excess of the number of berths installed by the manufactures. 7. Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of the pitch and home and all grassed areas within their pitch cut and maintained regularly. The underneath of the homes should be kept clear at all times and certainly should not be used to store combustible materials. 8. Homes should have appropriate and adequate insurance cover at times and evidence of insurance should be provided to the park owners upon request. 9. Electrical installations, smoke detection systems, carbon monoxide systems and gas appliances should be regularly maintained by qualified tradesmen and meet the standards required by the appropriate regulatory bodies. All systems must be tested and certificated in accordance with the requirements of the residents' insurance policy. 10. Musical instruments, radios, televisions and other appliances should not be so loud as to cause nuisance to neighbours, especially between the hours of 10pm to 8am Residents who wish to arrange a private party, barbeque or special event should have consideration for others and out of courtesy clear it with neighbours. 11. The speed limit is ten miles per hour and all residents, visitors, delivery companies and contractors must observe this. Residents must hold a current driving licence and be insured to drive any vehicle on the park and must insure any vehicle driven on the park is taxed in accordance with the law and is in a roadworthy condition. Discussed or un-roadworthy vehicles must not be kept anywhere on the park. We reserve the right to remove any vehicle which apparently abandoned. On no account should residents or their visitors drive on the park whilst under the influence of drink to the extent that they would not comply with UK drink driving laws. Any contraventions should be reported to the park owners particularly in cases of persistent abuse. 12. The licencing authority has approved a maximum of two cars per driveway and residents should ensure they and their visitors use the driveway in the first instance. Visitor bays are for visitors and can only be used by residents temporarily where driveways are temporarily inaccessible. On no account should vehicles be parked on the roadway, verges, any other residents' pitch without their approval or in any vacant plot 13. Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their personal visitors or visiting grandchildren. 14. All sheds or replacement sheds must be of non-combustible material and located in accordance with the local authority rules. Other than where consent has already been given for more than one shed/storage, all homes should have only one shed, the design, standard, size and location must be approved in writing to ensure local authority compliance. 15. Leylandii trees or similar are not to be placed at all and large trees require the park owner's written consent. Trees should not be pruned or taken out without the park owner's permission. 16. Refuse must be deposited in approved local authority containers which must not be over filled and must be kept out of sight until the day of the routine collection. 17. Access or use of vacant plots is not allowed. 18. All homes should have an approved fire extinguisher(s) which must be regularly maintained and certificated and fit for purpose. 19. Park extinguishers should only be used in emergencies and park water points should not be used by residents for personal use. 20. No unauthorised signs are to be erected. 21. Residents must not use the park home, the pitch or the park (or any part of the park) for any business purpose, and must not use the park home or the pitch for storage of stock, plant, machinery or equipment for any business purpose. Other than for delivering goods and services and the park owners vehicles used for the purposes of park management and maintenance, parking of commercial or light goods vehicles is not allowed. However, residents are at liberty to work individually from home by carrying out any office work of a type which does not create nuisance to other residents and does not involve other staff, other workers, customers or members of the public at the park homer or the park. 22. Residents or their visitors are prohibited to carry offensive weapons or other objects likely to cause offence and all residents should conduct themselves with due regard to neighbours, visitors and park contractors. 23. Residents should ensure free passage around their home for emergency services etc. 24. Residents should ensure that their litter is picked up and disposed of properly 25. Residents are reminded to follow the statutory process when selling their home. 26. The park owners do not accept any liability whatsoever for loss or damage to the residents or their visitors property. Approved and lodged with Cheshire West and Chester Council 3 December 2014.