Limefitt Holiday Park, Cumbria

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Free wi-fi across the Park
Pet-Friendly Park
Onsite Bar and Restaurant
Onsite Shop
Onsite Launderette
Horseback Riding

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Limefitt Holiday Park is in Cumbria, Troutbeck is one of Lakelands most beautiful valleys capturing the very essence of the Lake District National Park - a friendly place of peace and tranquillity set amidst truly breath taking scenery. Its location at the heart of the Lake District offers everything the lakes have become famous for practically on the doorstep. Limefitt Park is perfectly placed for a peaceful holiday whilst being close enough to major towns and visitor centres for those who want to explore the Lake District. Windermere, Bowness, and Ambleside contain many interesting shops and are all within a 5 to 10 minute drive, for larger stores the market town of Kendal is only a 20 minute drive. On site facilities include a Pub, a shop, adventure playground, football/volleyball field, river pool and direct access to the fells. There are two other pubs within walking distance, the renowned Queens Head a classic 17th century coaching inn and the Mortal Man.


Limefitt Holiday Park
LA23 1PA

1. Site Licence & Park
1.1 All occupiers at the Park must comply with the conditions attached to the Site Licence issued by South Lakeland District Council which are on display in Reception.
1.2 The Park comprises of Limefitt Park, Patterdale Road, Troutbeck, Windermere, Cumbria and includes all facilities now or presently on site & maintained by the Company.
1.3 Pitch numbers must remain visible.
1.4 Your Holiday Home may not be used as your main residence and we will ask you annually to provide evidence of your home address. Any change of your permanent home address must be notified to the Park Office immediately.
1.5 The Park cannot be used as a base from which to travel to & from work on a regular basis.
1.6 The primary purpose of your Holiday Home is for your own personal holiday use. Sub letting of an individual holiday home, where permitted, is permitted as ancillary to the primary use as a holiday home.
1.7 Ownership of more than one Holiday Home on Limefitt is not permitted save with the express written consent of the General Manager and in his absolute discretion.

2. The Season
2.1 The Park is open for occupation from 9.00am on 1st March until 5.00pm on 14th January each year.

3. Payments
3.1 Site fees are due in full no later than the 1st November each year for the following season.
3.2 No Holiday Home may be occupied unless the site fee is paid in full.
3.3 Local Authority Rates & service charges will be apportioned to each pitch & are payable within 14 days of demand.
3.4 Interest will be charged from the due date on all overdue accounts at the rate of 4% above the Base Rate of The Bank of England for the time being.
3.5 Electricity charges will be payable within 14 days of demand. Charges will be based on the guidelines issued by OFGEM.

4. Holiday Home Sales
4.1 The sale of all new and used holiday homes onto the park will be conducted solely by the Company
4.2 Re-sale of Holiday homes – the Holiday Home Owner must first complete a Private Sale Agreement and offer the holiday home to the Company at a fair market price. The Company will have 7 days to accept your offer of sale.
4.3 In the event of the Company not wishing to purchase the holiday home, permission to sell must be obtained in writing from the Company. Permission to sell on the park will normally be granted to the Holiday Home Owner upon completion with the Company of a Private Sale Agreement.
4.4 You agree to conduct the sales transaction through our office and appoint us as your agent for that purpose.
4.5 Any holiday home owner may not introduce as a prospective purchaser any persons who have previously approached the Company directly with a view to purchasing a holiday home from the Company, nor may the seller sell to any existing South Lakeland Parks customer.
4.6 Full details, both as to the identity of the proposed new owner and as to the conditions of the sale must be fully disclosed to the Company prior to the completion of any sale. The full gross proceeds of the sale must be transacted through the Park Office.
4.7 The Company will finalised the financial arrangements and pay to the seller of the holiday home the balance due, after deducting 15% of the consideration for a caravan sale or 7.5% of the consideration for a lodge sale plus VAT together with any other sums which may be due to the Company. 28 Days should be allowed for receipts of such balance.
4.8 The Company reserves the right to relocate any holiday home to an alternative pitch upon any sale or transfer of ownership.
4.9 A holiday home's appearance reflects on the Park and as such the Park reserves the right to withhold re-sale permission not unreasonably to holiday homes it believes are detrimental to the Park.
4.10 The owner of a holiday home who disposes on the basis that the holiday home is to be removed from the park must give the Company 28 days' notice in writing prior to removal. Holiday homes purchased using finance must produce written proof of settlement to the Company before it will permit the removal of the holiday home. The Company must carry out disconnection of the holiday home from services and make ready to remove. A reasonable charge will be made for this service. All monies due to the Company must be paid before the holiday home is removed from the park.

5. Occupancy
5.1 When the Holiday Home is occupied by persons other than the owner, prior notice must be given to the Park Office. All persons staying overnight on the Park must report to the Park Office on arrival (or as soon as possible if arriving outside Park Office hours).
5.2 The Park Management, at their discretion, may refuse admission to persons with good reason.
5.3 During the closed season from the 15th January to 28th February, no Holiday Home may be occupied overnight. If visiting the Holiday Home during this period, for security reasons, please report to the Park Office on arrival & departure. Visits are restricted to between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm.
5.4 The Company reserves the right to terminate all services to the holiday home during the closed season i.e electricity and water and may do so without prior notice. The Company is unable to guarantee continuous supply of water/electricity to holiday homes and you are advised to take precautions with electrical dependant equipment (ie.not to leave freezers etc. overly stocked in case of power interruption).
5.5 Occupiers are advised to remove all valuables from the Holiday Home during the closed period and to placed movable items such as outdoor furniture, steps etc. inside the Holiday Home.
5.6 No Holiday Home shall be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed.
5.7 We do not permit traders or salesmen access to the Park without our prior consent.
5.8 It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors & occupiers of your Holiday Home adhere to the Park Rules.
5.9 Please respect the privacy of other holiday home owners & keep noise to a minimum from 10pm with absolute quiet between 12 midnight & 8.00am.
5.10 All owners accept that their conduct and behaviour, and that of their guests, must remain respectable and legitimate at all times. Any actions/behaviour on or off the Park that could bring the Company into disrepute may result in the Licence being revoked.

6. Motor Vehicles
6.1 Only two private vehicles per pitch may be brought onto or parked on the Park.
6.2 Please note that the main gate is locked to all but emergency vehicles between 11.00pm and 7.30am. Driving on the Park between these hours is not permitted.
6.3 No commercial vehicles, vans, wagons, touring caravans, motor homes, boats or trailers are to be brought onto or parked on the Park without the prior permission of the Park Office. This permission should not be unreasonably withheld.
6.4 Please drive carefully at a speed not exceeding the limit in force on the Park (5mph). Observe all road signs and the traffic management system in force. The same requirements as on the Public Highways apply on the Park e.g. vehicle fitness for purpose and safety, qualified drivers, drink driving, vehicle lighting, crash helmets etc.
6.5 Vehicles must be kept to authorised Parking spaces & must not obstruct any roads.
6.6 We permit cars onto the Park for the purposes of access to the Holiday Home only and they are not to be used to drive around the Park.
6.7 Speed should be kept to an absolute minimum and pedestrians and cyclists must be given priority.
6.8 In the interests of safety and to comply with the Road Traffic Act 1988 the use of Mini Motos, Quad Bikes, Trail Bikes, Manual, Electric Powered or Petrol Driven Scooters are not permitted within the boundaries of the Park. Skateboards, Roller Blades & Roller Skates are also prohibited from use on the Park.
6.9 Cycles are allowed to be ridden on the Park but extreme caution must be used, pedestrians given right of way and the 10 mph speed limit observed/
6.10 Only vehicles taxed & insured for use on a public road may be kept at the Park and we will remove any disused or broken down vehicles for which you will be charged.
6.11 You are not permitted to give anyone driving lessons on the Park and we do not permit learner drivers to drive on the Park.
6.12 The use of hosepipes is not permitted.

7. Building and ground works
7.1 No external structure may be added to the Holiday Home e.g. a veranda, shed, decking or balcony without the prior written agreement of the Company. Where such approval is granted the owner must follow the agreed size and design criteria and all works must be undertaken by a Company approved contractor for which the Company will act as agent. Porches, walkways & carports are not permitted.
7.2 You must not install slabs or paving without first obtaining written permission from the company.
7.3 Pitches must be kept clean, tidy and free from litter at all times.
7.4 Satellite dishes are only permitted with our express written consent.
7.5 Fences are not permitted around pitches.
7.6 The Park will be responsible for general grass cutting but individual site occupiers will be responsible for ensuring that the flowerbeds and pathways on the pitch are kept in proper repair, neat and tidy at all times, including the removal of weeds. If the company is impeded from carrying out normal site maintenance and the Holiday Home owner fails to maintain their pitch to a satisfactory standard the Company shall be entitled to recover the cost of remedial work. The Company reserves the right to trim or remove plant material.
7.7 No plants, bushes or trees may be planted or removed by the Holiday Home Owner. No pruning of trees may be carried out except with the prior permission of the Company.

8. End of Season Water Drainage, Annual Gas Safety Test and Periodic Electrical Installation Test
8.1 In order to safeguard against frost damage we recommend that the water system of every caravan be drained prior to the closed season. The Park Office can advise on this service and will be pleased to provide further details including charges on request. For Lodges we recommend that the water system be turned off and drained prior to the closed season & that the Central Heating system set on low.
8.2 The Company accepts no responsibility for water damage caused by burst pipes.
8.3 Occupiers are required to hold a valid Gas Safety Test Certificate. The Park Office can arrange for this service and will be pleased to provide further details including charges on request.
8.4 The Company is responsible for the periodic testing of the electrical installation of the Park up to the consumer unit only. Occupiers are required to have a valid Electrical Installation Certificate of the Holiday Home tested by a NICEIC/NAPIT/ECA registered electrician every three years. The Park Office can arrange for this and will be pleased to provide further details including charges on request. Any additional electrical work carried out in and about the Holiday Home must have a certificate by a registered NICEIC/NAPIT/ECA electrician which should be made available to the Park Office on request.
8.5 Owners will be required to provide a copy of a valid gas and electrical certificate to the company upon request.

9. Sub Letting
9.1 Owners of lodges may sublet their Holiday Home privately or through the Park Resorts Easylet “Scheme”
9.2 Owners of caravans may where expressively permitted sublet their Holiday Home through the Park Resorts Easylet “Scheme”.
9.3 Administration charges will be levied to Holiday Home owners who choose to rent privately as set out in the private sub letting rules as reviewed and amended from time to time. Holiday Home owners must comply with the private sub letting rules and must pay the charges.
9.4 Administration and commission charges will be levied to Holiday Home owners choosing to join the Scheme, as set out in the Easylet Brochure as reviewed and amended from time to time. Holiday Home owners who wish to join the Easylet Scheme must comply with the Scheme rules and must pay the charges.
9.5 No Holiday Home shall be sub let for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed.
9.6 The Park Rules must be displayed in the Holiday Home and the owner is responsible for the conduct of their guests where privately sublet.

10. Holiday Home Rules
10.1 All loose materials and equipment must be secured to prevent damage in harsh weather conditions. Toys, barbecues, cycles etc. must be stored out of sight when the Holiday Home is not occupied.
10.2 Walls, fences and any obstruction to access the base are not permitted on the site.
10.3 The colour of the exterior of the Holiday Home may not be changed.
10.4 All domestic refuse must be placed in the appropriate bins located around the Park. Pleas utilise the recycling facilities appropriately.
10.5 Washing lines or rotary dryers are not permitted & must not be erected on pitches. The installation of washing machines (unless installed as standard in your holiday home) is not permitted. A laundrette is available on Park for your use.
10.6 Musical instruments, televisions and radios must not be allowed to cause annoyance to occupants of neighbouring Holiday Homes and must be used with the utmost consideration at all times.
10.7 Children under 14 years old must not be left unattended in Holiday Homes at any time.
10.8 Children must not be allowed to make a nuisance of themselves on other peoples pitches e.g. playing ball games, riding bikes etc. Children must play on their own pitch or the dedicated recreation area. The playing of football and other hard sports e.g. cricket, golf on the Park is prohibited.
10.9 The conduct of children is deemed to be the responsibility of parents/guardians at all times.
10.10 Noise levels must be kept to a minimum after 10.00pm.
10.11 No nappies, tea bags or other deleterious matter must be put down the toilet or drains. Kitchen towels, surface wipes, baby wipes and sanitary towels could block the drains and should not be flushed down the toilet. An occupier causing blockage to the drainage system may be charged for the cost of making good. Bleach or other harmful chemicals must not be used in the toilets or drainage system. Such use may cause serious damage to the private sewerage treatment plant. The use of deleterious chemicals is traceable and accordingly the Company gives notice of its intention to recover costs.
10.12 Security barriers are in operation on the Park which are operated by use of a Barrier Card. Each Licensee will be issued with two Barrier Cards which are for the sole use of the holiday home owner to whom they are supplied. Tailgating through barriers is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

11. Insurance
11.1 The owners are required to insure their Holiday Home to its full value against all usual risks including fire and storm damage and against third party liability. This can be arranged with the Park Office or another regulated insurer. Proof that insurance is in force must be produced to the Company on request.
11.2 The sum insured for loss or damage to the Holiday Home shall include the following:
11.2.1 The retail price on the Park of a Holiday Home of a similar type and size to the existing Holiday Home, or the market value of the existing Holiday Home.
11.2.2 The cost of replacing any existing ancillary structures (eg. Steps, decking, etc.)
11.2.3 The cost of clearing wreckage from the Pitch and disposing of the Holiday Home destroyed by fire, natural disaster or other similar occurrence.
11.2.4 The cost of delivery, siting/connecting a new Holiday Home (if not included in the retail price).
11.3 The sum insure for Property Owners Liability, Public and Employees Liability shall not be less than £5,000,000 per incident.
11.4 If you insure other than through our agency or by using our brokers, you agree to provide proof of alternative insurance by providing us with a copy of your insurance details each year and to pay us an annual fee for verifying the level of cover, maintaining administrative records, copying and invoicing. The fee is set out in the Annual Charges List.

12. Fire Safety
12.1 All owners need to be aware of the procedure for dealing with fire and other emergencies on the Park. The greatest care must be taken to prevent outbreaks of fire. Fire fighting equipment is provided at strategic locations around the Park.
12.2 Every Holiday Home must be equipped with adequate fire fighting equipment including as a minimum a 1kg Fire Extinguisher, a Smoke Alarm and a Carbon Monoxide Alarm is strongly recommended. All equipment must be maintained in good condition and full working order.
12.3 It is the owners responsibility to ensure that all occupiers of the Holiday Home are familiar with the location of the Fire Points and the contents of the Fire Notices at each point.
12.4 No fuels or combustible materials should be stored in your Holiday Home.
12.5 Barbecues are allowed on the Park but should be used with extreme caution. Disposable barbecues are allowed but should not be placed directly onto wooden or grass surfaces and should be allowed to completely cool down before disposing of.
12.6 Gas cylinders should not be secured to the caravan so as to permit removal in the event of an emergency.

13. Pets
13.1 Pets are permitted on the Park but must be kept under strict control at all times. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times except when in the designated dog field. Dog owners not exercising proper control will be asked to remove their dogs from the Park. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets.
13.2 Pets must not be left unattended inside Holiday Homes.
13.3 Dogs which are specified in the Dangerous Dogs Act are not permitted in the Park at any time and include American Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogue Argentino and Fila Brasilieiro.

14. Office Hours/Mail
14.1 The Park Office and Shop will be open at the times displayed in Reception.
14.2 The Park address should not be your main mailing address and should not be used for the delivery of post.
14.3 Telephone messages will not be taken by the Park Office except in an emergency.

15. Other Matters
15.1 No firearms, explosives (including fireworks), offensive weapons or other items likely to give offence may be kept, carried or used on the Park.
15.2 No drugs or other substances harmful to health or social well-being may be brought onto or used on the Park.
15.3 The Company reserves the right to refuse admission to the Park or to any facilities of the Park. Permission is not to be unreasonably withheld.
15.4 The Company shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure the availability of all amenities advertised in its brochure or otherwise but shall not be liable in respect of non-availability.
15.5 No commercial enterprise or business activity may take place on the Park or from or in a Holiday Home, either as a trader or agent other than subletting a lodge for payment ancillary to the use as a Holiday Home. The prohibited commercial enterprise or business activity includes, without limitation, advertising of lettings for other owners of Lodges or caravans on any Park Resorts Park, whether in print, on a website, Facebook or any other social media.
15.6 No Holiday Home may bear any advertising matter other than the manufacturers name and no notices may be displayed on the Park without the prior permission of the Park Managers.
15.7 Any major works/repairs must have the prior authorisation of the Company. Permission for such works will not be unreasonably withheld.
15.8 Those Holiday Homes with LPG gas cylinder supply should have a spare/reserve gas cylinder at all times. The Park Office will advise of the arrangements for replenishing supplies of bottled gas.
15.9 Keys: Please ensure that a spare set of keys for your Holiday Home are lodged with the Park Office for use in emergencies. Details of security devices and routines for isolation should also be provided.
15.10 Services: Requests for chargeable services must be made to the Park Office on the designated Permissions Application Form (available from Reception) and not to individual employees.
15.11 In the event of an emergency contact details are displayed at Reception. If in the unfortunate event the emergency services need to be called please inform the night warden giving him your name and location of your holiday home.
15.12 A Wi-Fi fair usage policy is now in place on all Park Resorts sites where Wi-Fi is available. This policy applied to all users of Park Resorts Wi-Fi. The full terms and conditions of use for the Wi-Fi Service must be read and agreed to before first logging into the service. Copies of the fair usage policy are available upon request from the Park Office.

16. Visitors and Tradesmen
16.1 If you have arranged for visitors or tradesmen you must inform the Park Office on the day of the visit with:
a) The name of the visitor/tradesperson
b) The name of the person they are visiting and the Holiday Home number
In the interests of security, failure to provide this information in advance could result in entry being refused. Unless pre-arranged, visitors should park in the parking area by Reception & walk to the Holiday Home. Alternatively you may wish to meet your visitors at Reception.

17. Loss or Damage
17.1 Unless negligent or in breach of duty caused by the Company, its employees or agents, the Company will not he held liable for any loss or damage to any person, caravan, motor vehicle, equipment or other property except for an act of deliberate or wilful damage.

18. General
18.1 Use of the Park and its facilities is conditional upon these rules being strictly adhered to and all persons conducting themselves with due regard for the Company, its employees and the wellbeing and comfort of others including:
18.1.1 All persons, including Holiday Home owners, their guests and tradesmen must act in a courteous and considerate manner towards our staff and contractors. Rudeness, verbal abuse or insults will be considered a serious breach of the rules and is unacceptable.
18.1.2 All persons, including Holiday Home owners, their guests and tradesmen must not act in any way which interferes with or causes prejudice to Lake District Leisure Pursuits Ltd (or Parkdean Resorts Ltd) business.
18.1.3 All persons, including Holiday Home owners, their guests and tradesmen must not make misleading statements or take other action which might lead other to consider that they are dealing with a representative of the Company or are authorised on the Company's behalf.
18.1.4 All persons, including Holiday Home owners, their guests and tradesmen will not use social media of any kind in a way that is harmful or prejudicial to the Company, its business or its employees.

19. Termination of the Agreement
19.1 The Licence may come to an end in any of the following ways:
19.1.1 By you giving us notice in writing of your wish to end it.
19.1.2 Because the Licence Period has passed.
19.1.3 By the sale of the Holiday home or you losing title to it.
19.1.4 By the Company taking steps to terminate it because you have broken your obligations under this Agreement.
19.2 The Company reserves the right to terminate a licence to occupy a pitch as a consequence of a serious breach of agreement that is not capable of remedy by the holiday home owner, upon serving reasonable written notice at the last known address of the occupier to that effect specifying the breach and the occupiers rights in relation thereto. If you are in breach of your obligations under this agreement which are capable of being remedies we may write giving you notice specifying the breach and giving you the opportunity to remedy it within a reasonable time. If you do not comply with that notice the Company is entitled to write to you to end the Licence Agreement and require you to remove the Holiday home from the Park within one month.
19.3 You are entitled to bring this Agreement to an end by writing to us giving us not less than two months notice.
19.4 If you choose to bring this Agreement to an end the Company will repay any Pitch Fees paid in advance for a period after the licence agreement comes to an end on the following scale:
19.4.1 Where the Licence Agreement comes to an end before the end of March – 80% repayment
19.4.2 Where the Licence Agreement comes to an end before the end of June – 40% repayment
19.4.3 Where the Licence Agreement comes to an end after the end of June – no repayment
Please not that Site Rates are refundable monthly pro rata.
19.5 If the Licence Agreement comes to an end you must remove the Holiday Home and all other property of yours from the Park within one month of the termination of this Agreement, however it comes about.
19.6 The Company is entitled to make a reasonable charge for disconnecting the Holiday home from services and preparing it for transport away from the Park.
19.7 Where the Company ends the Licence Agreement we will repay the Owner any pitch fees and other charges which have been paid for any period after the removal of the Holiday Home.