Long Ashes Park, North Yorkshire

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What Features Does Long Ashes Park Have?

Long Ashes Leisure Club
The Gamekeeper’s Inn
Envy hairdressers
Pure Spa onsite
Close to local towns
10 Miles to Skipton

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Long Ashes Park is a stunning holiday and residential park situated in the heart of Yorkshire. It is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that are so spectacular that the locals call it God's own country.

Long Ashes has everything you need. The park is surrounded by endless views, quaint villages, rugged scenery and excellent walks. It is a place to enjoy whenever you choose. Whether you want to relax or workout, everything needed is right at your doorstep.

Long Ashes is ideal for exploring the beautiful corners of England. It has about 841 square miles of National Park, which is situated right at your doorstep. You can move around through the hills and valleys to discover the charming stone villages, thundering waterfall, spectacular caves and a vast range of walks. There are lots to do and enjoy at the park, from a gentle stroll to a challenging long-distance footpath, a vast number of events, fine foods and drink, and from nostalgic steam trains to glorious gardens.

There is a pure spa at long Ashes where you will be given expert attention from manicure to massage. The spa offers a huge range of beauty and health treatment to remove your stress and make you feel special. Those who want a full spa day to celebrate a special occasion can book and enjoy a wide range of treatment from relaxation to rejuvenation. Pure spa at long Ashes park is a place of peace, relaxation and tranquillity designed to help you feel revitalise and re-energised.

The luxury lodges at long Ashes park are built to the highest specifications. It is a holiday gateway and an exceptional weekend retreat for those who appreciate the best things in life. These exclusive, luxurious lodges built with top quality fixtures and fittings enjoy generous spaces. They are located in some of the most sought-after spots in the park having a sensational view-out across the Wharf dale valley.

The long Ashes Park is home to many residential park homes. It provides a rare opportunity for everyone to enjoy the comfort and security of a well equipped and modern home surrounded by some England scenery. Each residential park home offers an affordable detached home with private garden and driveways, enabling you to enjoy the sense of the community.

The leisure park at long Ashes has all the facilities you need. If you want to get and keep fit, you will enjoy and unwind with saunas and a leisure swim. The long Ashes leisure park is a perfect place to take action and chill out. There is Cybex resistance equipment to improve balance, muscle strength and agility. Techno Gym cardiovascular equipment is also available to help you improve your health and fitness.

Long Ashes Park also holds swimming lessons for all ages. Swimming is also one way of enjoying your stay in the park. Thus, Swimming lessons are organised for children, but many adults can learn the vital skill.

The gamekeeper's inn at long Ashes is situated in the heart of Yorkshire Dales national park. It provides eleven bedrooms, a wedding venue, two lodges and a cosy bar and restaurant.

It is the ideal spot for a breakaway in the Yorkshire Dales with stylish modern bedroom and stunning food crafted with locally sourced products. At the gamekeeper's inn at long Ashes, You will be served tasty Yorkshire Dale dishes and a run special foodie night throughout the week.

Everything needed to make the most of long Ashes park. When you visit long Ashes Park, you will be surprised at how little lifestyle could cost. The accommodation that ranges from the most refined luxury lodges is affordable. If you desire a permanent home from a range of residential park home, long Ashes Park is the right park for an affordable, enjoyable and secured residential park home.


Long Ashes Park
North Yorkshire
BD23 5PN