The Elms Park, Lincolnshire


The Elms Residential Retirement Park Home Park is owned and managed by the Kinch family who moved to the area over 30 years ago. John Kinch, father to Ann, Johnny, Tracey, Stuart and Samuel began re-developing The Elms with his wife Marion shortly after re-locating his family to Lincolnshire from Gloucestershire.
Taking a second job to help fund his family whilst embarking on this ambitious project John headed up the transformation of the park to its current award winning standard of today.
As part of the transformation of The Elms Retirement Park the family have also invested heavily in the local community providing a new Medical Centre in Torksey Village, creating a 7 acre village green with a fishing lake next to the Medical Centre and helping to fund various refurbishment projects of St Peters Church in Torksey.
Stuart Kinch, who is now the Managing Director of the family firm, Kinvena, is a member of the Parish Council and is also the Ward Councillor for Torksey further reflecting the families’ commitment to the area.


The Elms Park

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Definitions - Owner/s shall mean park owner, Resident/s shall mean resident/home owner

All residents of the Park Homes on ‘The Elms’ must be middle aged or retirement aged persons only. No children or young adults may reside at ‘The Elms’.
The ‘Pitch’ shall mean that area on the Park upon which the Mobile Home is stationed known as................................. and for the purpose of identification shown on the site plan, a copy of which can be inspected at the office and such other areas as the Owner may from time to time designate.
The Owner has the sole right to site homes on ‘The Elms’. Park Homes shall be sited in the precise position indicated by the Owner. All residents shall occupy the pitch allocated by the Owner. Residents must not trespass on other pitches or encroach on their neighbour’s privacy.
All residents are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of their pitch, its surroundings, slabs, steps etc. The area underneath the unit must be kept clear. All refuse must be placed in the wheelie bins provided by the Council and these must not be over-filled. Border-type flower gardens are permitted. Modest vegetable patches are permitted but are to be discrete and to the rear of the garden and screened. Trees and shrubs must not be cut down without approval of the Owner. No fences, sheds, porches, decking or any type of construction to the home or garden is permitted without the written permission of the Owner. Landscaping of gardens is permitted but not to the extent that there is no grassed/green areas left. An area approximately 1/3rd of the total garden must be left to grass towards the front/road end of the garden. Gardens must be left intact when the occupier vacates the pitch. Vacant pitches must not be entered by anyone or anything removed therefrom. A Residents design and use of their garden must have respectful consideration for their neighbour\\\'s privacy and their neighbour\\\'s enjoyment of their own home.
Musical instruments, record players, radios, other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used so as to cause nuisance to others especially between the hours of 10pm and 8am.
No pets are permitted to become “occupiers” of The Elms. Any visitors may only be entitled to bring one domestic-type dog while visiting on site for a maximum period of three days at any one time. The dog must be kept on a lead at all times whilst on The Elms including the canal bank and adjoining farmer’s canal bank. Any fouling on these areas by dogs must be cleaned up by the dog’s owner. Courtesy must be shown with regard to other person’s pitches.
For each pitch, there will be one car parking space provided. Parking must be kept to the authorised parking areas. Parking is not permitted on the \\\'main\\\' roads. No vehicles may be parked on Resident gardens. Roads must not be obstructed. Vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law and drivers must hold a current driving licence and insurance. All vehicles must be driven carefully, not exceeding the speed limits posted. Disused vehicles must be removed. No vehicle other than a private car, motor cycle, or motility vehicle may be kept in the Park. No overhauling, by which is meant major stripping down or restoration work, of any vehicles other than normal routine maintenance and servicing such as checking or changing oil and other fluids or very minor repairs and so forth is permitted in the Park. All vehicles must be kept off the grass. Learner drivers are not permitted to practice on the property. No revving of the engine for test purposes or causing a nuisance with a vehicle is permitted.
No guns, catapults, other toys, or items of sports equipment are allowed to be used which could cause damage or nuisance to other resident persons or property.
People, property and vehicles are admitted to the site on the condition that the Owner’s shall NOT be liable for loss or damage to them. The owners accept no responsibility for any accident to any person, property or animal whilst on the Owner’s property.
Subletting is not permitted; nor may friends or family of a Resident use a Resident\\\'s home when they are away themselves, for the sole purpose of the enjoyment/holidaying of their friends or family. This does not include friends and/or family visiting the property in the Resident\\\'s absence to check the property over.
Only rotary-type clothes lines at the back of the pitch are allowed and this must be folded down when not in use. Washing must not be left out unattended to for days at a time.
Residents are asked to assist in the preservation of any wildlife or bird-life, trees, plants and shrubs. However, to avoid attracting unwanted vermin, food (either specific bird feed or any other domestic food) must not under any circumstances be left on the ground either in resident\\\'s garden or around the park. Only food that can be immediately eaten may be put on the ground. Appropriate bird tables/feeders that are positioned high up off the ground are permitted. It is requested that Residents do not over encourage wildlife to their garden such that would cause any significant negative impact on your neighbour\\\'s quiet enjoyment of his home and pitch.
The electricity supply that serves your home is part of a private electricity distribution system owned, operated and maintained by the owner. This electricity supply was installed with a capacity of 50Amps split between your home and the utility room when it was originally sited. Any resident wishing to add additional electrical loads must first seek written permission from the Owner of the park prior to installation commencing. The electricity supply to the homes does not permit electric cookers, electrically heated showers or direct space heating (electric heaters that heat one space only such as blow heater) to be connected. **(this rule is being monitored - see note below) The Owners responsibility for the electric supply to your pitch ends at the output terminals of the 2 circuit breakers in the metered connection unit that serves your home and utility room. The Owner recommends that the Resident has their own electrical installation in the utility room inspected on a periodic basis but not exceeding 10 years and a report issued highlighting any defects with the property and any necessary remedial works carried out. On a regular basis the owner has their electricity distribution network inspected and tested after which any required remedial works are undertaken.
The water and sewerage supply to each home is part of a private water/sewerage system owned, operated and maintained by the Owner. The owner\\\'s responsibility for this supply ends at the point where the pipe work leaves the underground on its route to connect into the home. From the ground up to the home is the Resident\\\'s responsibility.
No “For Sale” or any other notices are to be exhibited on any Mobile Home or pitch.
Only gas heating systems are permitted in the home. No other heating systems i.e. oil, solid fuel or storage heaters are to be used. Only 2 x 47kg cylinders are allowed and must be kept in accordance with current gas storage and safety regulations and in locations approved by the owner. If cylinders are visible from the road they must be stored in Owner approved brown, purpose designed gas cylinder storage boxes. Cylinders may not be relocated without the Owners written permission.
It is the Resident\\\'s responsibility to keep all installations and appliances within their home compliant with current safety regulations and inspected accordingly to current regulations with a report issued highlighting any defects that require attention after which any required remedial works are undertaken.
A fire extinguisher of an approved type must be installed and maintained by the resident in each Mobile Home. It is expressly forbidden for anyone to interfere with Park fire points and appliances that are for use only in case of emergency. No burning of fires is permitted on the Park by Resident\\\'s. No flammable items other than those required for normal domestic use may be stored at Resident property for safety reasons. Domestic barbeques are permitted.
Residents must ensure that any visitors to their home abide by all the site rules and express terms of the Written Statement.
The Proprietors and Staff are anxious to be of assistance at any time but it would be appreciated if any business or requests, except in extreme urgency, could be made only during normal office hours.
The exterior of the home and outbuildings must remain in keeping with those in the same area (i.e. colour, construction, window size, exterior surface etc).
Residents have access to the off side of their home via a slabbed path running along the side of their property. This path is intended for infrequent use purely for the cleaning, staining and general maintenance of their own home and for weeding of the path etc. A Residents use of their off side path which runs along their neighbours garden must not be so frequent as to cause an intrusion on the privacy of their neighbour.
** 23 February 2012 - it has come to our attention during the 2012 review of the Park Rules that the installation of air conditioning units may have the potential to cause problems with our electricity infrastructure. We are arranging for a period of monitoring to survey the situation and we will return to you with our findings in due course. In the meantime there is no cause for concern.
These revised rules have been through a process of consultation with Residents during which responses were taken into consideration and amendments were made where appropriate. The responses overall were from a relatively small minority of Residents but they were still fully taken into account when preparing the above. These revised rules will automatically apply to existing Residents of The Elms.

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