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Two Bed Park Home (44x20)

8 Mulberry Way, The Elms Retirement Park

Two Bed Park Home (44x20)

Torksey Lock



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Caravan storage area
Exclusively for over 50's
Part Exchange available
Barrier controlled access
Boat moorings
CCTV security

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Are you looking for a home at the Elms Residential Park? As a popular holiday county for many people, it is not surprising that many choose to move towards Lincolnshire to retire.  The Elms Park is a unique residential community, based deep in the heart of the county and close to communities such as Torksey Lock, Sturton and Saxilby.  It is very easy to find through main road links, but as all residents will discover after a short time, no noise ever travels from the roads over into the park.  This makes it one of the most peaceful and the most convenient parks of its kind.

The Elms Retirement Park is a family-owned, award-winning community which has seen many transformations over the years.  The family running The Elms have also helped to develop local services in Torksey Village, helping to develop the area as one of the most desirable plots for retirees looking to move closer to Lincolnshire's many heritage trails.  The county, too, is of course famous for its coastal treats, with seaside communities such as Skegness only a short distance away.

Properties at The Elms Park are developed with retiring people in mind.  Therefore, anyone moving into the community can be sure they are meeting neighbours who are like-minded, and who will also be looking for a slower pace of living.  Passionate and proactive park owners help to make life here very enjoyable - it is one of the key reasons why The Elms Park continues to be so popular with local retirees, as well as those who know Lincolnshire well. 

About The Elms Retirement Park

The Elms Park is a residential community, which means it is an exclusive resort.  Superb for retirees keen to break away from town and city living - as well as suburbia - new homeowners can experience a neighbourhood that is lovingly curated with tranquillity in mind.  Private plots and modern homes await new residents, meaning that they can always expect to settle in somewhere free from disruption and intrusion.

The park is extremely secure, closed to the public, and accessible via gate.  Staff on-site and on-call will make sure that residents receive care and guidance whenever they need it.  However, life at The Elms Park is one which feels very independent.  Couples and solo retirees keen to find somewhere private to move to in their non-working years will likely find the picturesque grounds and individual plots to be very appealing.

The park itself offers unique walks and trails, with private woodland available for residents to wander through at their leisure.  There are also three exclusive lakes to enjoy here, making the park an ideal breakaway for those looking for a waterside escape.  Built across 65 stunning acres of parkland, The Elms Park is one of the largest and yet the closest-knit of parks in the wider area.

The close community will ensure new residents make friends easily.  It is a community where all residents look out for one another.  Therefore, this should help most new movers to feel a little more secure as they grow into their properties.

The park is well-maintained, with residents only ever being responsible for their own properties and pitches.  The Elms Park's owners, a family who have taken pride in helping to develop the local area, are very warm and friendly.  They are available to help with all concerns and queries, meaning that new residents will never have to go too far for support and guidance.

The Elms Park is one of the most convenient parks of its kind.  Complete with modern living and heating standards, residents can also feel free to take a closer look around the local area, with easy links to villages and towns nearby.

The region is much-loved, and the park itself, too, continues to grow in popularity.  Viewing properties at The Elms Park is a must should they become available throughout the year. 

The Elms Retirement Park Location

The Elms Park is keenly positioned close enough to road and transport links so as to be convenient, however, it is never too close to noise and bustle.  New residents will simply need to break off the A156 heading down through Torksey Lock, just adjacent to a thin stretch of the River Trent.  It is just North of the communities in Laughterton and Newton -on-Trent, which is intercepted by the A57.

The Elms Park is just a short drive from some of the county's best-loved attractions.  Its clever position puts residents near enough to the coast for it to be easily accessible, while just central enough for homeowners to explore local towns, waterside walks and countryside at their leisure.  Few parks offer such central positioning, making it something of a unique entity.  Certainly, there are many reasons why The Elms Park has continued to see development over the years.

Residents are close to local villages and communities, where they can sample traditional restaurants, pubs and head to local businesses.  Torksey Lock has close links to The Elms Park, meaning that residents will always find it easy to make new friends in the locality.  The area is also replete with a variety of everyday amenities, including shops, garage facilities and a doctor's surgery.  Everything residents could need is only a short walk away, if not accessible through public transport or the main roads.

Views of the River Trent and Foss Dyke are easy to spot, with the quiet, pleasant surroundings always likely to appeal to residents keen to nestle into Lincolnshire.  The county is just as much loved for its visual appeal as it is for its seaside resorts and traditions.  Therefore, The Elms Park allows people to explore and enjoy it all at their own pace.  Walks and trails are close enough to the park for residents to head on out on a regular basis.  However, park grounds at home are perhaps expansive enough for many people. 

The Elms Retirement Park Local Area

As mentioned, The Elms Park has close links to Torksey Lock, the closest community to the South.  However, residents will also find that the roads and public transport links will put them in proximity to some of the county's best-loved attractions.  Lincoln Golf Club, for example, is only a short drive up the way, likely to appeal to anyone keen to settle into a retirement full of handicap-chasing.

Communities such as Scampton and Gainsborough are very close by, both of which hold plenty of historical intrigue.  Once more, both communities are replete with plenty of amenities and services.  Those looking for a longer walk outside of The Elms Park will perhaps want to explore the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty over to the East of the community.  It is close to towns such as Horncastle, and backs onto the bustling community of Grimsby, a popular fishing port.

Of course, there are also plenty of seaside haunts close to The Elms Park, all of which can be reached via roads at short notice.  Skegness and Ingoldmells prove to be popular with families and couples alike, and for retirees keen to explore the local seaside history, few offer the same level of authentic coastal fun as Skegness.  The beaches here are well-loved, as is the Embassy Theatre, where many popular acts from classic TV and modern music competitions often put on shows.

Cities such as Lincoln, Grantham and Nottingham are also close within reach of roads near to The Elms Park.  Therefore, any residents who do wish to sample the bigger cities in Lincs and Notts will never have to drive or connect too far via public transport.  Further over to the West, below Sheffield and through Chesterfield, is the Peak District National Park.  The Peaks offer some of the most stunning views in this area of the country, making them a must-visit for anyone who wants to take in Northern England for all its beauty.

The Elms Park is a central community with plenty of things to do in the local area.  Despite hiding away from public intrusion, the park is close to many different places of interest, meaning that residents will never feel as though they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

Why Buy at Elms Park?

The Elms Park is a famous community, both for its size and for its spectacular service.  It is one of the quietest and most convenient communities of its kind in the whole of the North, keenly positioned for residents to enjoy seaside jaunts and walks through verdant greenery for miles around.  As an exclusive community, The Elms also provide residents with plenty of safety and peace of mind.  The community here is protective and friendly, meaning that it should not take new homeowners long to settle in and make acquaintances.

As residents will agree, it is worth taking a closer look at The Elms Park should properties become available.  The park offers comfortable, luxurious living as well as knowledgeable, careful ownership.  There are plenty of quaint, local scenes to immerse in, too, making it one of few UK parks to combine history, coastline, countryside and village convenience in one neat package.


The Elms Retirement Park
Torksey Lock


These rules are in place to ensure acceptable standards are maintained on the park, which will be of general benefit to occupiers, and to promote and maintain community cohesion. They form part of the Agreement by which homeowners occupy the pitch in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended. 

None of these rules is to have retrospective effect. Accordingly: 

they are to apply only from the date on which they take effect, which is 10 January 2015 and 

no occupier who is in occupation on that date will be treated as being in breach due to circumstances which were in existence on that date and which would not have been a breach of the rules in existence before that date. 

These rules do not apply to the Owner or any employees on the park. 



In these rules: 

"Owner/s" means the owner of the Park being Kinvena Homes Limited or its successor in title 

"Occupiers" and you means anyone who occupies a park home. 

"Park" shall mean The Elms, Torksey, Lincoln, LN1 2EH

"Pitch" shall mean that area on the Park upon which the Mobile Home is stationed and for the purpose of identification shown on the site plan, and as indicated in the Written Statement, a copy of which can be inspected at the Park office, and such other areas as the Owner may from time to time designate.



1. No person below the age of 50 may reside in a park home.  

2. Occupiers must not trespass on other pitches or encroach on their neighbours' privacy.

3. In the interest of safety, children must be supervised at all times whilst on the Park.  

4. The occupier is responsible for ensuring that all visitors comply with these park rules. 


Condition of the Pitch 

5. All occupiers are responsible for the maintenance of their pitch and safe access thereto including its surroundings, slabs, steps etc.  

6. For reasons of ventilation and safety, occupiers must keep the underneath of your home clear.

7. All refuse must be placed in the wheelie bins provided by the Council and these must not be over-filled. Any additional waste that cannot be deposited in the bins provided by the Council must be removed in an appropriate manner by the occupier. 

8. Only retractable or rotary-type washing lines are permitted which must be placed at the back of the pitch and must be retracted when not in use.  No items, including pegs, may be left on the washing line when it is not in use.  

9. The exterior of the Mobile Home and outbuildings must remain in keeping with other park homes on the park (i.e. in terms of colour, construction, window size, exterior surface etc.).  Occupiers are required to use the Owner recommended decorating products on the exterior of their home, however, these products can be bought from any trades person or store of the occupier's choosing. 

10. All mobile homes need to be correctly numbered.

11. Under no circumstances may any Occupier enter the working areas of the Park such as the compounds, stores, workshop etc. without being accompanied by the Owner. Occupiers must not approach ground staff or plant operators whilst they are working especially when they are operating machinery.

12. You must not make any improvement to the pitch unless you have obtained the owner's prior written approval (which will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed).  



13. Musical instruments, stereos, radios, other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used so as to cause nuisance to others at any time but especially between the hours of 10pm and 8am. 

14. No catapults, other toys, or items of sports equipment are allowed to be used which could cause damage or nuisance to other occupiers or property. It is strictly prohibited for occupiers to use guns of any nature on the Park including their pitch.

15. Door to door canvassing, leafleting, and collecting for charity on the Park is not permitted, unless specifically agreed with the site owner.

16. No leisure activities are permitted on any of the water feature areas on the Park.  



17. Occupiers must not keep any pets or animals at the Park. However you are at liberty to have visitors bring not more than one dog on to the Park for a maximum period of three days at any one time.  The dog must be kept on a lead at all times whilst on the Park and must not despoil the park.  Dogs must not be left unattended in the park home for periods of time.

18. Nothing in these park rules prevents you from keeping an assistance dog if this is required to support your disability and Assistance Dogs UK or any successor body has issued you with an Identification Book or other appropriate evidence. 

19. You must not leave food on the ground anywhere on the park (including any individual pitch) so as to avoid attracting unwanted vermin. However you are at liberty to feed birds through use of a bird feeder or table.


Parking and Vehicles

20. If you have a garage on your pitch you may park two vehicles on your pitch; one in the garage and one in front of the garage. If you do not have a garage on your pitch then you may park only the number of vehicles that your pitch parking space has been designed to accommodate.  Please refer to the pitch plan in your Written Statement.  It is not permitted to attempt to squeeze additional spaces onto your pitch that it has not been designed to accommodate.

21. You must not park anywhere except in the permitted pitch and visitor parking spaces. 

22. You must not park on pitch gardens, roads, or grass verges, nor must you obstruct the roads; nor must you use other residents' or park owner pitch parking spaces without their prior consent.

23. Vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law and drivers must hold a current driving licence.  

24. All vehicles must be driven carefully, not exceeding the displayed speed limits.  

25. Disused vehicles must be removed from the park.  

26. Other than for delivering goods and services, you must not park or allow parking of any commercial vehicles of any sort on the park, including: 

i) light commercial or light goods vehicles as described in the vehicle taxation legislation; and 

ii) vehicles intended for domestic use but derived from or adapted from such a commercial vehicle. 

However, you may bring a commercial vehicle if: your property has a garage that can accommodate the commercial vehicle which, must then be kept in the garage at all times when not in use. 

27. You must not carry out the following works or repairs on the park: 

i) major repairs involving the dismantling of part(s) of the engine;

ii) restoration work other than normal routine maintenance such as checking or changing oil and other fluids or very minor repairs. 

28. You must ensure learner drivers do not drive on the Park. 

29. Other than for loading and unloading purposes you must not park or allow the parking of motorhomes or touring caravans on the park. However where there is space available you are permitted to store the caravan within the designated storage area by arrangement and at a charge.



30. You are responsible for the electric supply from the 2 circuit breakers in the metered connection unit that serves your park home and utility room.  You are not permitted to carry out any work or alterations to the part of the Park's electric supply which is the responsibility of the owner. 

31. You are responsible for the water and sewerage supply from the ground level upwards. You are not permitted to carry out work or alterations to the part of the Park's water/sewerage infrastructure which is the responsibility of the owner. 

32. Only 2 x 47kg cylinders are allowed to each home and must be kept in accordance, at the Occupiers ' expense, with current gas storage and safety regulations. If cylinders are visible from the road they must be stored in Owner approved brown, purpose designed gas cylinder storage boxes. Access to the cylinders must remain clear and the cylinders and regulators must not be tampered with by the occupiers.  

33. It is the Occupier's responsibility to keep all installations and appliances within their home compliant with current safety regulations and inspected according to current regulations. 

34. A fire extinguisher of an approved type must be installed and maintained by the Occupier in each Mobile Home in line with current advice from the Fire Authority.  

35. It is expressly forbidden for anyone to interfere with Park fire points and appliances that are for use only in case of emergency.

36. You must not have external fires, including incinerators. However you are liberty to use a barbecue. 

37. You must not keep flammable substances on the park except in quantities reasonable for domestic use. 

38. You must not keep any explosive substances on the park. 



39. You must not have any vegetable patches unless they are discreet, to the rear of the pitch and screened.  

40. You must not lop, cut trim or remove any trees or shrubs which are the responsibility of the Owner. 

41. You must not access nor remove any item from vacant pitches.

42. You are permitted to landscape the pitch however you must ensure that at least one-third of the pitch, which is to be at the front of the pitch, is maintained as a grass area. 

43. Gardens must be left intact when the Occupier vacates the pitch.

44. It is recommended that patio areas are kept to the rear of the garden and designed in such a way as to not encroach on the privacy of your neighbour in terms of the windows on the ‘offside' of their homes.   

45. Shrubs are to be kept approx. 4' in height on the main garden area and may reach a height of fence at rear of garden.  

46. Occupiers are to treat their side of the fences of their pitch with timber preservation as often as is necessary.

47. The use of sprinklers must be in line with current local water authority recommendations and guidelines.


Signs and Satellite Dishes 

48 You must only erect for sale signs on your park home or pitch. 

49. You must ensure that any satellite/television aerials are fitted towards the rear of the mobile home and are dark in colour.