Willow Park, North Ayrshire

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Nestling in the tiny hamlet of Burnhouse amid the rolling hills of North Ayrshire Countryside this is a 5 Star Luxury Residential Park developed with the client in mind.

At Willow Park we strive to meet the high expectations of our residents and our home owners appreciate the quality of light and space that their new homes afford and welcome the high quality finish that is the custom in every home.

From a pleasant rural setting, our homes are well placed for easy access to Glasgow and offer all city facilities which include links by road, rail, and air, to further destinations. We are situated 8 miles from the town of Irvine and its beautiful golden beaches and 16 miles from the center of Glasgow. There is a train station 1 mile from the park.


Willow Park
Near Beith
North Ayrshire

The following rules of occupation are for the good management of Park Home (Mobile Home) Establishments and the benefit of all who use them. These rules form part of the agreement to occupy the pitch.
1. Only Park Homes (Mobile Homes) of proprietary manufacture which conform to the definitions contained in the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, the Caravan Sites Act 1968 and the Mobile Homes Acts of 1975 and 1983 and comply with BS 3632 shall be allowed to be transferred to a new occupier. Non-complying Park Homes (Mobile Homes) which are subsequently brought up to the said standards shall be allowed to be transferred to a new occupier.
2. Park Homes (Mobile Homes) must be kept in a sound and clean condition; external decoration and colour must be maintained to the satisfaction of the Owner. Wheels must not be removed, nor the Park Home (Mobile Home) re- positioned without permission. No external alteration of or addition to the Park Home (Mobile Home) or pitch is permitted without prior approval of the Owner.
3. The Occupier is responsible for the cleanliness of the Pitch. He must also keep the area underneath the Park Home (Mobile Home) clear. Public places and paths should not be littered in any way.
4. The Park Home (Mobile Home) may be used by the Occupier and members of his permanent household and bona fide guests only (and in any event for the occupation of such number of persons as shall not exceed the specified number of berths).
5. Park Home (Mobile Home) units shall not be sublet.
6. Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that electrical, water and gas installations and appliances comply at all times with the requirements of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and/or other appropriate Authorities.
7. The Occupier must not permit waste water to be discharged onto the ground. Where water is not separately metered or rated the use of hoses is forbidden without prior approval of the Owner, except in case of fire.
8. The Occupier is responsible that all household refuse is deposited in approved containers which must not be over filled and must be placed in the approved condition and position for regular collection.
9. Musical instruments, record players, radios, other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used to cause nuisance to others, especially between the hours of 10.30pm and 8.00am.
10. All vehicles must be driven carefully on the park not exceeding the speed limited of 10 m.p.h. Vehicles must keep to the authorised parking spaces and to the roads, which must not be obstructed. Vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law and drivers must hold a current driving licence and insurance. Disused vehicles must be removed form the park. The prior written approval of the Owner must be obtained before parking commercial vehicles.
11. Porches, storage sheds, fuel bunkers or other structures are only permitted with the approval of the Owner and where permitted must be of a design, size and standard approved by the Owner.
12. Private gardens, where permitted, must be kept neat and tidy and no fences or other means of enclosure shall be allowed without the approval of the Owner. The planting of trees and shrubs is also subject to the Owners prior approval of types and position. Trees and shrubs may not be lopped, topped, felled, removed or damaged. Gardens will be left in a condition to be agreed with the Owner when the Occupier vacates the pitch.
13. Washing lines are to be reasonably screened from public view.
14. No dogs are allowed on the Park. Other pets are only allowed on receipt of written permission from the Owner, and must be kept under control at all times, and not allowed to despoil the Park.
15. The Occupier is responsible for the conduct of children in his/her custody and of visitors.
16. The Park is intended for occupation by retired persons who are in receipt of State or other retirement pension and their respective spouses and assignment will only be permitted to such persons.
17. Everyone using the park is required to comply with the regulations of the site licence, water authority or any other statutory authority.
18. Access is not permitted to vacant pitches. Building materials or other plant must be left undisturbed.
19. No commercial enterprise or business activities may take place on the park without prior permission of the Owner.
20. Occupiers will obtain the Company's consent before erecting a T.V. aerial, which shall have suitable public liability insurance cover.
21. Occupiers must not use fire points provided for other than the emergency use intended.
22. “For Sale” notices are not to be displayed on pitches or in Park Home (Mobile Home) windows.

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