How to choose the best park home

How To Choose The Best Park Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying, February 8, 2018

Lifestyle living is now a real feature of retirement. This new way of embracing life in your golden years has opened up a plethora of property options. Buying a slice of the countryside or a spot by the sea in a peaceful, secure environment is not just commonplace it can be cost-effective too. Downsizing to a residential park home, for example, can provide contemporary living while freeing up cash to spend enjoying yourself. But how how do you go about buying the best park home for you?

Buying a residential park home can be a stress-free way to plan for retirement. You may currently be semi-retired and looking ahead to the future. Or you could be newly retired and investigating the options. This guide to choosing the best residential park home will help you ensure your dream home ticks all the boxes – and not just for location.

Reasons to buy a park home

 If your current property is large and maintenance is becoming a worry, a park home is an obvious choice. However, if you are just weighing up the options, these facts may help you make up your mind on finding the best park home for you:

  • Park homes are often located in premier locations where traditional bricks and mortar properties could be out of your price range
  • Park homes offer an enhanced level of security
  • Park homes are considered low maintenance
  • Park homes are generally located in peaceful surroundings
  • Park homes benefit from high-quality, designer interiors
  • Park homes are available in a range of styles and prices
  • Park homes are part of friendly, welcoming communities
  • Park homes allow you to downsize and have cash spare to spend in your retirement

Checklist before you buy a park home

Decided a residential park home makes sense? While location may be the top of your priority list, there are other things to consider when buying a park home. Proximity to local amenities, on-site facilities and availability are just some of the things you should consider before you purchase a home. Make sure you take into account the following before making a final decision:

  • Is the property suitable for your needs?
  • Have you properly checked how far away it is from local amenities?
  • Can you afford any site fees?
  • Will it still serve your needs in a few years’ time?

Park homes for life

Many modern park homes are designed to be homes for life. That means, they have been manufactured with ageing residents in mind. Easy access, handrails in bathrooms and many other thoughtful extras can help you enjoy an active lifestyle for longer. This could be an important consideration if you or your partner have limited mobility or a health condition that is progressive or could deteriorate in the future. Such features can also be extremely helpful for those with asthma and other conditions that can limit mobility.

Choosing a park home that suits your needs today as well as tomorrow is a smart move. It will save you the hassle of having to move again and will give you greater confidence about the future. By providing peace of mind, these little extra go a long way to making park home ownership a smart move.

Residential park home locations

Fancy living in the countryside? There are plenty of options available if you fancy a breath of fresh air. However, be sure you know just how far your home is out in the sticks before you go ahead with a purchase. For many, a semi-rural location is the best option. Park homes located in villages but surrounded by a rural landscape make the perfect choice.

As well as knowing you are never far from local amenities, you will probably benefit from public transport links if you live in a semi-rural location. Finding yourself in the middle of nowhere and reliant on a car can be overwhelming if you or your partner suddenly find driving too difficult or impossible. Make sure you know exactly where a park home is in relation to essential services before you buy it.

Ready to buy the best park home?

Now you know what you should be considering before you buy a residential park home, you can view the options. Sell My Group is the UK’s best portal for park homes – start browsing for the best park home’s in the U.K.

If you are looking for a great group of parks, try Laird Estates, who have residential parks across the U.K. including Warren Park in Shropshire. Located at Stoke upon Tern, the park is in a rural location and just four miles away at Market Drayton.