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Omar Group Opens Brand New £1.1 Million Factory

Posted by Justin Allitt in Lodges, Park Homes, November 15, 2016

Here at Sell My Group, we work closely with Omar, the country’s premier park home and holiday lodge manufacturer, who recently unveiled an impressive new £1.1 million factory extension in Brandon, Suffolk. The extension, which houses eight new finishing bays is one of the first steps in an exciting new period for the company, which […]


Park Home Pitches Reach 7 Year High

Posted by Justin Allitt in Park Homes, September 29, 2016

If you even take half a glance at the daily news, you’ll find constantly contrasting reports about the UK housing market. Some weeks it is a flourishing financial paradise, others it is an endless pit of bad investments. However, the same can’t be said of the park home market, which is proving to be consistently […]


7 Reasons For The Rise In Popularity Of Park Home Living

Posted by Justin Allitt in Park Homes, September 29, 2016

We’ve recently pointed out that the demand for park homes is experiencing a real spike, with the average pitch value at an eight-year high, and more properties being sold than ever before. But why exactly are park homes proving so popular in recent years? We’ve taken a look at seven reasons. Loss Of Community Spirit […]


Demand For Park Home Properties Soars

Posted by Justin Allitt in Park Homes, September 19, 2016

The demand for park homes has continued to increase according to a recent report from Edwards & Partners. According to the report, 2015 saw steady improvement in the sales of park homes as well as trading conditions on parks, which could be put down to a number of factors such as a general increase in […]


How Much Maintenance Does A Park Home Require?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Park Homes, September 14, 2016

There are plenty of reasons why park home living might be for you, whether it be the modern, comfortable accommodation or the sense of community that they provide. The UK is currently seeing more and more people turning to park home living for many different reasons including downsizing after they retire, or to own property despite the […]


Top Tips For Moving From A Bricks and Mortar Home To A Park Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Park Homes, July 28, 2016

Having likely lived in a traditional bricks and mortar home your entire life, it can be a big step making the move into a park home. While there are many benefits to buying a park home, there are a couple of things you should know beforehand, so we’re going to run through some of our top […]


Can A Park Home Be Passed On In A Will?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Park Homes, June 30, 2016

If you are in the process of buying a park home or if you’re already an owner, you may be wondering if your investment can be passed on to a beneficiary in your will. The short answer to this question is yes, a park home can be passed on in a will. However, there are […]


Protection Against Harassment Under The Mobile Homes Act

Posted by Justin Allitt in Park Homes, June 24, 2016

In this post, we will discuss what exactly ‘harassment’ is and what actions constitute as causing harassment as outlined by the Mobile Homes Act which was covered by Leasehold Advisory Service’s park home legal advisors Manjit Rai and Antony Tregenna in Park Home Magazine. Individuals who have moved onto a park home site are issued […]


10 Simple But Effective Interior Design Tips For Your Park Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Park Homes, June 19, 2016

What could be regarded as being one of the biggest draws for people choosing to live in a residential park home is the chance to enjoy an affordable, convenient and comfortable way of life. Park homes, which are generally already furnished before you move in are very spacious yet manageable homes. This is a particularly important […]


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