Park Home Surveys: Question & Answers

Park Home Surveys: Question & Answers

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a Park Home, July 4, 2019

When you buy a park home, it’s likely you will have plenty of questions to ask!  After all, buying any kind of property is a big investment.  Therefore, it only makes sense that you should have all the data you need at your disposal.  That’s where park home surveys can come in, and why they are often so helpful!

For example – how do you know how much a park home is really worth?  Will there be any work you need to do at the property after you move in?  What is accessibility like?  In many cases, you will find out this information from property marketing and a few viewings.  However, many people choose to take surveys out for greater peace of mind.

Why not consider taking out a park home survey?  The fact is, some of the information regarding surveying and park properties can get confusing.  At Sell My Group, buyers often ask us whether a survey is a good idea in the first place!

Therefore, we want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into.  For the purpose of this guide, we looked at common queries and concerns with a leading name in chartered surveying.  Nick Norrie, Managing Director, Principal Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Building Engineer at Subject II Survey Ltd, gladly took time to help us offer you some concrete answers.

Read on for the complete lowdown – why you need park home surveys, and what you should do to arrange them!

Do You Need a Survey for a Park Home or Lodge?

You might hear different answers to this question depending on who you ask!  However, both Sell My Group and Subject II Survey agree that park home surveying is a fantastic idea.

A park home survey is not a necessity, but it can be very helpful if you want extra confidence when completing a sale.  All park operators should be upfront and honest with what you can expect when you move in!  However, having all of the intricate details down in writing is never a bad idea.

Therefore, just as you would when you buy a home or property elsewhere, a pre-purchase is just good practice.  It’ll help you identify any issues or problems you need to know before purchasing a lodge or park home.

Why Should I Get a Park Home Survey?

There are plenty of reasons why a survey on your park home is a great idea.  For example, a chartered surveyor will look closely at the structure of your new home.  Trained surveyors know exactly what to look for.

They can identify areas of a home which may be at risk of flooding or damp.  They may also help you understand the true value of your home.  A fantastic park home survey may also let you know how much you need to spend on your home in the long run.  This could include ongoing rates, as well as potential repair costs in the long run.

As stated, park operators should give you a clear idea of what to expect from your home before you move in.  What’s more, if you already have a keen eye for detail, you may already know what to look for.

However, park home surveys give you that little bit of extra confidence.  They will lay out everything you need to know in plain language.  It could make all the difference between you making an offer and looking elsewhere!  It could be the perfect step to take in securing your ideal park home.

Does Everyone Use Park Home Surveys?

Not always.  In fact, thanks to incorrect advice, many people avoid park home surveying altogether.  This simply isn’t right!

For a small additional fee, professional chartered surveyor teams can analyse your prospective new home.  A survey won’t take long to complete.  Therefore, you barely have to take any time out of your day, or the buying process, for a full check.

Not everyone uses park home surveys, but we seriously recommend that they do so!

Should I Use a Specialist Park Home Surveyor?

Yes!  While a general chartered surveyor will cater to bricks and mortar properties, it is crucial you hire a specialist park home surveyor to take a look at your prospective buy.

The fact is, park homes are much different to everyday properties.  They benefit from different manufacture and have differing needs.  If improperly kept, they may also be at risk of differing conditions to what you would expect in a run of the mill home.

Subject II Survey, for example, is a specialist park home surveying company.  They are industry specialists, and only ever inspect and report on park homes and lodges.  In fact, they cater to thousands of surveys – and have already filed reports on more than 3,000 of them!

They are also full members of RICS, who represents and audits chartered surveying across the UK and elsewhere.

Does Subject II Survey Cover the Whole of the UK?

Yes.  Subject II Survey understands that there are thousands of park homes and lodges up and down the UK.  Therefore, they make sure that their experts are always ready to cater to homes and pitches from high up in Scotland right down to the South West coast.

Wherever your new home may be in the UK, Subject II Survey’s team will be happy to take a closer look at your property for you.  It’s crucial you approach a surveyor before you make any kind of offer on a property!

How Much Do Park Home Surveys Cost?

This really can vary.  Specialist companies such as Subject II Survey offer bespoke quotations for a reason.  That’s because different factors can impact on the price you pay for a survey.  For example, the size or location of your home may change the price.

However, it is always easy to get a free quote.  Subject II Survey encourage prospective buyers to head straight to their website, where visitors can fill out a quick form with all the necessary details.  Surveyors will then get back in touch with quotes for a full job.  It’s a good way to make sure you’re not paying more than you have to with any other surveyors or experts!

Subject II Survey offers full surveying which is competitive with national rates and figures.  Therefore, anyone applying for park home surveys shouldn’t ever be a costly process.  What’s more, you are under no obligation to proceed if you don’t wish to.

How Do I Order Specialist Park Home Surveys?

If you want to order a park home or lodge survey, then it is important you contact an expert straight away!  You have the right to request a survey before you buy, particularly if it will help you to make an offer on a home!

Therefore, you should fill out an online form or call a specialist park home surveyor as soon as possible.  Subject II Survey, for example, offers an uncomplicated process.  You simply need to advise their surveyors of a few details and they will then start to put plans into action.

You can contact Subject II Survey either through their main website, or you can call and speak to a specialist via phone on 01869 346973.  Alternatively, if you wish, you can contact a member of the team via email at

An expert in park home surveying will then build a quote for you based on your needs and your prospective park home.  You’ll then receive a quote, and it will be up to you to decide what to do next!  If you’d like to proceed, simply contact the team further and they will set up a plan and process with you.


Arranging park home surveys doesn’t have to be a hassle.  However, there is some misinformation out there regarding whether or not you actually need surveys for a park property.  Just as you would take out a survey on a traditional property, the same will apply to a lodge.

  • Park home surveys give you peace of mind.  Even if you know what you’re looking for, and what you’re looking at, a full professional survey will tell you what to expect for years to come.
  • A park home or lodge survey will also help you to plan for years to come.  Unsure how much living in a park property will cost you in the long run?  Don’t worry.  A full survey will fill in all the gaps.
  • It’s a good idea to look into park home surveys if you’re simply unsure of what to do!  If you’re not 100% confident with a park owner’s patter, or you want to make sure you are completely happy, a survey is the best way forward.

If you haven’t considered park home surveys before, now is a great time to start taking a closer look.  Don’t ever put money down on a property until you are sure that you want or need it.  Choose a survey plan from Subject II Survey and start protecting your finances.

Want to know more about park home living?  Make sure to read our regular blog posts and guides!