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Why retire to a park home?

Why Retire to a Park Home?

Posted by Sell My Group in Retirement, August 14, 2017

Every year, thousands of people in the UK choose to retire to a park home. More people are increasingly appreciating the benefits of changing to a low maintenance home and  is certainly the case for senior and semi-retired citizens. Park homes are an attractive proposition for people who want to move to the country or live on the coast and often a move to a park home will lead to a more peaceful pace of […]



Part Exchanging Your Home

Posted by Sell My Group in Services, August 13, 2017

Part Exchanging Your Home for a Park Home Whether wishing to downsize or part exchange your home for a park home for any other reason, this is entirely possible. Here, we will explain how you can easily go about part exchanging your home for a park home. What does a Part-Exchange mean? Part exchanging your home for a park home means that you will sell your existing property. The property will then be used as […]


A consumer guide to Park home living

Park home living

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, July 21, 2015

Park home living – your questions answered, a consumer guide to Park home living For thousands of people, security, peace of mind and a delightful living environment are just some of the benefits of park home living. Moving to a residential park can mean swapping urban life for a peaceful place in the country and becoming part of a friendly, like-minded community. Many downsize to a park home, releasing capital in their bricks-and-mortar to fund […]