10 Top Tips for Selling your Park Home

10 Top Tips for Selling A Mobile Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Park Homes, March 15, 2016

Are you in the process of selling a mobile home?  Selling any property can seem scary at first.  After all, you need to make sure that you are showing your home off at its best!  However, there are plenty of factors which can impact your sale.  For example, how do you know that you are getting the best offers?  Are you taking the right steps to show your mobile home in the right light?

While there are plenty of ways in which selling a traditional home is similar to selling a park home, there are some key distinctions.  However, these differences will actually work in your favour!  What’s more, the distinctions will also help you to keep your sale legal and above board.

If you’re selling a mobile home and need some help starting out, we’re here to help you.  Here are ten great tips on preparing your home – as well as yourself – for a big sale.

Keep the Exterior Looking Great

First impressions matter!  Therefore, you always need to keep up appearances.  When selling a mobile home, it’s important you carefully inspect the exterior of your property.  Are there any issues which could impact on the value of the sale?  Is there anything which could put potential buyers off?

Think carefully about areas which need to function properly.  You shouldn’t just present a great-looking home, but one which functions as it is supposed to.  For example, make sure that fascias, gutters, drainpipes and exterior window fittings are in good working order.

Do a Deep Clean

We can’t stress this enough!  When selling a mobile home, always thoroughly clean your interiors.  Even if you are not living there, you need to make sure you maintain a level of cleanliness.  You shouldn’t just run around with a vacuum cleaner and a cloth before a viewing!  Park home buyers are savvier than you think.

You must make sure your home is ready for viewing even when you least expect it.  The home needs to present its very best to anyone who wants to buy it.  This means cleaning windows, deep-cleaning carpets and removing stains.  Avoid smoking indoors, too – as you’ll leave staining and odours which could put people off.

Fix Up Fixtures and Fittings

When selling a mobile home, buyers will want to see that everything works as expected.  Check thoroughly for anything that needs fixing, adjusting, or replacing altogether.  The less work a buyer has to do, the more likely they will be to put in an offer.  Therefore, it just makes sense!

Check your white goods, your doorknobs, your light fittings and plumbing.  Think about anything that gets a lot of use, or wear and tear.  These will be areas that buyers will worry about.  Put their minds at ease!

Declutter and Depersonalise

One of the biggest things to really put buyers off is clutter.  Thanks to mobile homes being relatively compact, even small amounts of clutter can stand out.  Therefore, you need to make sure that you remove all personal effects and items.  Get rid of anything not in use, or which is helping to make your spaces look untidy or unkempt.  Even a small stack of books can look slovenly!

Buyers will want to imagine your home as their own space.  Keep it too personalised, and they may not want to put an offer in.  You may also want to rearrange furniture to make use of the space.  The whole point is to create a blank canvas, which will be very appealing to viewers in selling your mobile home.

Be Aware of the Law when Selling your Mobile Home

Preparing your home is one thing, but how prepared are you as a seller?  Changes to park home sales in recent years have changed the way people can trade homes.  These changes came in through the Mobile Homes Act 2013, and in short, you have more flexibility as an owner.  Park owners, meanwhile, have less influence over sales.

However, that doesn’t mean you should charge into a sale without reading up on sales law.  We therefore advise you take a look at the government’s full guide on park home rights before you prepare your property for sale.

Crucially, if you bought your home before May 26th, 2013, you may still need to work closely with your park owner if you want to sell on.  But don’t worry!  The laws are very easy to understand.  Just make sure – whatever you do – that you obey them at all costs.

Energy Performance Certificates – Do You Need One?

If you’re used to selling homes elsewhere, you may wonder if you need an EPC.  An EPC, or energy performance certificate, will tell buyers what they can expect from energy prices at their new home.  It’s one way for them to gauge for costs after they move in.

However, the rules are slightly different for park homes.  While some people prefer to know about energy ratings before they buy, you don’t have to offer an EPC unless you have one.  So to be clear, if you are selling a mobile home, you do not have to provide an EPC.  There is a lot of confusion surrounding this!

Do You Really Need a Mobile Home Survey?

Once again, some home sellers may believe they need to run surveys on their properties.  A home survey will normally consider anything that is likely to lower the value of a home.  For buyers, it is a way for them to see if there are any problems they may need to pay for.  Therefore, some buyers may even ask for surveys when buying park homes.

Again, there is much confusion over this!  However, there is no legal requirement for you to run a survey when selling a mobile home.  Some people have felt pressure to do so through buyers and even park owners!  However, you are under no obligation to get a survey.

Tell The Truth!

This seems like an obvious point, but it’s crucial.  When selling a mobile home, you must always be honest.  You don’t need an EPC, a survey or even site owner permission to sell mobile properties these days.  However, it is your legal obligation to inform buyers of what they can expect.  If you answer any questions or queries dishonestly, it is then that you will be breaking the law.  Believe us – this is not something you ever want to risk.

For example, what should you do if a buyer asks if your home has a valid survey?  If it doesn’t, you should inform them as such.  Therefore, a buyer can confidently continue or drop out of a sale if they want to.  If you mislead or even lie to a buyer, it could cause you problems later on down the line.  For example, what if you mislead a buyer about the quality of your fixtures and fittings?  Consequentially, if anything you are dishonest about proves otherwise, you could face liability.

Read and File Your Paperwork!

You should always keep on top of your sales paperwork.  For example, make sure you download, read and print your notice of proposed sale.  This is available for you for free via the government’s website.  This is a document you will need to complete with your buyer for your sale to be legal.

Do also make sure to familiarise yourself with the buyers’ information form.  You’ll need to download and check this long before any buyers approach you!  Therefore, make sure to head to the GOV.UK site to download the relevant paperwork.

Keeping on top of paperwork is just good practice.  What’s more, it could even prevent a potential buyer from getting impatient!  If you can’t provide paperwork during the sales process, it could slow down the whole arrangement.  You’ll actually need to admit to your buyers if you don’t have the right documents – it’s the law.  Therefore, the same applies to the buyers’ information form.  If this is missing or incomplete, you need to tell your buyer, and you need to explain why.

Get Expert Help

Finally, it’s good practice to ask for help from a solicitor or legal representative.  By law, you don’t have to seek legal help, but if it’s your first time selling a mobile home, you might want the extra protection and guidance.  For example, you may not know much about how taxes and duties apply to park home sales.  Is it really worth going it alone?  We recommend you find a reliable solicitor who can help you navigate the process.

You can also look for help and support from the UK Department of Communities and Local Government.  This body will also advise you to take any advice you receive from non-legal bodies with a pinch of salt.  This can include advice you receive from park owners, as well as that which you read here at Sell My Group.

However, if it is your first time selling a mobile home, do make sure you read our further owners’ guides to introduce you to the topic.  Selling a property can be nerve-wracking.  However, with our help, you could find the perfect buyer before you know it!