Buying a Static Caravan

Are You Thinking of Buying a Static Caravan?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Static Caravans, July 17, 2017

As an increasing number of people are spending their holiday in the UK, so buying a static caravan has never been more popular.  Here we discuss the advantages of buying a holiday home. We will also provide some other information to help you decide if buying a static caravan is the right thing for you.

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So Why Buy A Caravan?

There are so many good reasons to buy a static caravan, so where do we start? Here we list a few good reasons..

Static Caravans Give You Freedom

Firstly, a big plus of ownership is the freedom it brings; a home from home. With caravan ownership you can come and go as you please, whether it is just a couple of days away with friends or for the whole holiday season with the family – the choice is yours to make.

Ownership alows owners the freedom to have the interior of your static caravan exactly how they want it. This could be especially useful for anyone with special needs or mobility issues. Your caravan can be converted internally in order to make it work in the best way for you.

Shorefield Country Park, Milford-On-Sea, Hampshire
Shorefield Country Park, Milford-On-Sea, Hampshire – Click for More Details

For Ease of Use

Another benefit of caravan ownership is the ease of use it brings. There will be no need to spend hours trailing through the internet to book a holiday,  waiting in queues at busy airports to get on a plane – just pack what you need and go!

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It is a Cheap Holiday

With a static caravan, going on holiday won’t cost you a fortune. As the pound continues to depretiate against other currencies, including the Euro and the dollar, your money is worth exactly the same whichever part of the UK your caravan is sited.

Another reason a buying a static caravan in the UK can save you money is that you can take all the food you need with you for your stay. Alternatively, depending on the site, you can even have the supermarket deliver food to your caravan.  By not needing to eat out or spend money in the local shops, budgeting will be easier and you will be able to save money.

Does it make Financial Sense?

Buying a static caravan is a large financial investment, both initially, and the ongoing maintenance. However, if you are comparing the costs to taking many holidays throughout the year, renting a holiday cottages or even a caravan, it will likely make good financial sense to actually buy your own caravan.

You should ensure that you are in a position to continually pay for the park site fees as well as ongoing maintenance for the caravan. This is something you must continue to afford for the years to come after purchase.

In terms of buying a static caravan for investment purposes, it will not go up in value over the years. Unlike a bricks and mortar property which wil fluctuate depending on economic cyles. However, depending on where it is located, there is still investment potential when it comes to subletting.

What Does a Static Caravan Cost?

The initial cost of the static caravan depends on the make, model and condition of it, as well as the age.

A static caravan can cost anything from £10,000 to over £100,000. After the purchase, other costs will include the pitch fees are, which you pay the park operator. Other costs include maintenance costs such as repairs that may occur (it is a good idea to keep a separate fund going for these surprise repairs). There is also insurance (click here to find out about holiday home insurance), energy usage, and other bills like a TV license. You do not want to get into a position where you have purchased an amazing static caravan, but after a year can no longer afford to pay the pitch fees to the site. Therefore, consider the long term affordability of buying a static caravan when you first buy too.

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Can I live in my Static Caravan?

This depends largely on the status of the park where your static caravan is sited. Most parks with static caravans hold a holiday license. A residential license is required in order for you to live in your van all year round. Here you would traditionally find park homes or sometimes even lodges,

You can read our article explaining whether you can live in a static caravan full time on our blog here. The most important factotrs in residing on a park is the site license and the park operators park rules.

There are residential caravan parks across the UK, and most of them have a lovely community feel. But, the majority of people buy static caravans as a holiday home. Council tax will be payable on mobile properties that are occupied full-time, usually in the cheapest band for the area.

Can I Sublet my Static Caravan?

People buy static caravans with all sorts of arrangements in place. Some purchase with friends, some allow family to use it whenever they like at no cost. Some sublet it throughout the year to holiday makers. When entering into any agreement to ‘share’ your caravan, it is always best to have a professional contract drawn up as fall-outs can and do happen.

Providing it is allowed by the park owner, it is permissible to sublet your  caravan, and this in itself can pay for all your yearly costs. You can usually let or holiday home via the park, failing that,  a company like Sykes who will be able to give you all the information you need to know. Read our guide to renting out a static caravan.

But while it is a great idea to rent out your static caravan financially, many people prefer to have it readily available for themselves, with all their possessions inside as they leave them. For further reading see our article on What to Remember When Buying a Holiday Home’.