Tips for moving into a park home

Are You Thinking Of Moving Into A Mobile Home?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a Park Home, Park Homes, July 28, 2016

Retirement is something that can be different for a lot of people.  While many of us are keen to get out and explore the world around us, others will look for a quiet, slow pace of living.  This is completely understandable!  That’s also why moving to a mobile home presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone keen to break free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Think about how hard you work your whole life.  We all spend so much time hurrying around!  Many of us don’t have much time to sit back and take it easy.  When you retire, you should have plenty of time to finally unwind and enjoy yourself.  Many of us are working harder than ever, and plenty of people see that as a badge of pride.  However, there is nothing wrong with taking things easy when retirement rolls around!

More and more people are choosing to downsize to a mobile home that is perfect for them.  Park homes are less hassle to maintain, and you’ll often find communities in the most beautiful locations.  Plenty of us want to take things easier as we get older, and that means making sure our homes are easier to manage.  It might even mean something as simple as moving to a one-level property to avoid having to go up and downstairs!

Do you really want to spend your retirement looking after and fixing up your home?  Probably not!  Therefore, you deserve to take some time off.  Here’s our complete guide on what you need to consider when moving to a mobile home park for the years to come.

Choosing The Location Of A Mobile Home

One of the best reasons to choose a mobile home is that there are many wonderful locations to pick from.  However, this can also make things a bit tricky to pick from!  Park homes are fantastic for those who want to move somewhere quiet, but with access to plenty of things to see and do.

A lot of mobile homes are built close to the countryside, coast or local heritage.  They offer a fantastic balance between peaceful living and ease of access to some of the UK’s best-loved trails, haunts and attractions.  They are often far from various towns and cities.  However, you should still be able to drive out to city amenities, or take public transport, as and when you need to.  This should also make it really easy for you to get out and see friends and family, too.  They can also come and see you if parks permit them to!

Choosing your perfect location can be tricky.  However, Sell My Group makes it easy for you to narrow down your choice.  You’ll never have to worry about noise or light pollution at the best parks we list on our site.  What’s more, you will normally have easy access to local shops and sites of interest.  Choose a park that’s close to somewhere you love, or why not pick somewhere new?  There are scores of wonderful mobile home park locations and sights for you to see.  Be ready to compare and contrast!

Mobile Homes Are Free From Isolation

It’s important to choose a mobile home which is free from feelings of isolation.  Park communities are, on the whole, very close-knit!  Therefore, it should be very easy for you to get to know your neighbours, and to move close to people who are like-minded.

If you want to avoid feelings of isolation, choose a park that is close enough to the towns and areas you love.  Find somewhere close to family or friends!  Alternatively, you may want to head out on your own.  Either choice is perfectly reasonable.  However, be sure to look carefully at your surroundings, and to make sure you choose somewhere you’ll be happy to move to for years to come.  It’s a big investment!

Everything Set Up as You Need It

One of the biggest benefits to choosing a great mobile home park is the fact that everything is set up ready for you.  In many cases, you can buy a home with full furnishing.  Therefore, you won’t have to worry about moving any of your own furniture or storage in unless you really want to!  This could be a great excuse for you to start downsizing, and to get rid of a lot of furniture that’s otherwise cluttering your home right now.

What’s more, think about how much time and hassle you’ll save on moving home.  Packing up and moving isn’t just a toll in terms of time and energy, it can be really expensive.  Therefore, at a mobile home, you could just move straight in with a handful of bags.  You won’t have to pay any moving fees and will simply have to agree to the rules of your park.

When you retire, you are naturally going to want to move somewhere with a minimum of hassle, if any.  Park owners will welcome you into your new space carefully and considerately.  This means they will guide you through park rules and will let you know exactly what to expect from the park life experience on-site.  Park homes are very easy to clean and maintain.  Therefore, you immediately benefit from having less to do and handle as soon as you arrive.

Mobile homes provide amazing luxury.  The styles and shapes of homes will vary from site to site, of course, which is why you should take care to compare the best properties in areas you’d like to move to.  Sell My Group makes this amazingly easy for you, as we list with some of the best mobile home parks the UK has to offer!

A Slower Pace of Living

One of the best reasons to choose a mobile home is for the slower pace of living.  Park communities are amazingly laid-back, and what’s more, you will move alongside like-minded people.  Many parks are exclusive to residents over a certain age.  Therefore, it is very unlikely you will ever move alongside people who are likely to be making a lot of noise.  There’s no threat of anti-social behaviour, and you won’t lose sleep thanks to loud music or other disturbances.

It’s great to have like-minded neighbours.  Many people choose the park lifestyle because park home residents want the same, quiet standards everyone else does.  You can rely on one another, and what’s more, you can get to know new people through social clubs and gatherings.  Many parks offer great ways for communities to get together and to get to know each other better.  As retirement can sometimes feel lonely, this is a definite plus.

Along with a slower pace of living, mobile home parks offer incredible independence.  While you will be close to various neighbours and residents, you can also retire to your home at the end of an evening without having to worry about intrusion or noise.  You have a perfect balance between laid-back socialising as well as private living standards you’ve always dreamed of.  Mobile home park standards offer more peace and quiet than your average suburban community!

Safe, Secure and Convenient

There are some fantastic reasons to choose a park home when it comes to safety.  Residential communities and parks are extremely secure.  Most will have front gates that close to public access.  Therefore, you and any visitors can swipe in or check in and out as you please.  What’s more, you will of course have your own home security, from door and window locks to alarm systems.  It is always a good idea to check these over with your new park owners if you want to be extra careful.

You’ll also benefit from a careful neighbourhood.  Mobile home park residents look out for one another!  This means that you are all likely to bond together in a crisis, or if any threats emerge.  It’s extremely unlikely that they will, of course!  There is, however, always going to be plenty of safety in numbers.

You should also consider the incredible convenience of a mobile home.  Park owners oversee their properties with careful management.  Therefore, much of what you would otherwise need to do with a traditional property removes clean off your plate.  What’s more, you are free to come and go as you please.  Want to explore the local countryside?  What about a coastal walk?  You’ll likely find some incredible, relaxing attractions and days out just outside the perfect mobile park home.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Of course, finding your perfect home can be tricky.  That’s why Sell My Group is here to help narrow things down for you!  Retiring doesn’t have to be a hassle, and once your perfect mobile home emerges, you should feel free to take your time with viewings and making the right decisions.

Take a look at our fantastic listings for spectacular mobile home parks up and down the UK.  Who knows – it might be the best move you ever make!  You’ll never know unless you start taking a look at what’s available.  Do read more of our guides to learn more, too.