8 Reasons why you should buy a lodge

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Holiday Lodge

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a park home, lodge or static caravan, August 18, 2017

A holiday lodge is becoming ever increasingly popular in the UK due to their financial benefits and their flexibility, which not only makes it easier to stay in a holiday lodge but also to invest in one. Staying in a holiday lodge is a great way to explore a new area and make new friends, as well as indulging in a luxury break without being limited to just the summer months.

It’s also becoming much more popular to spend holidays in the UK at the moment, with Brexit and uncertainties about safety making it harder and more expensive to go abroad.

There are lots of benefits to staying in a holiday lodge but what are the benefits of owning one?

We list our 8 reasons why you should buy a holiday lodge and invest in your future.

1. Home away from home

Owning your own holiday lodge means always having somewhere to take the family in the summer holidays, half terms and long weekends. You won’t have to worry about scouring through holiday comparison sites, wondering if your accommodation will be as good as it looks in the pictures and you’ll never need to stress about booking something last minute. Your holiday home will be there waiting for you, whenever you fancy a break.

You also have the option of keeping some of your own comforts there, so you don’t have to go overboard with packing every single time you visit.

It also gives you the chance to be somewhere different from home but keeping that sense of familiarity. You’ll know where to go for the best meal, a cheap round of drinks and you’ll be familiar with all the activities on offer. This is especially great if you find that you can’t fit everything in during one holiday, you’ll always be back to do the rest!

2. Location, Location, Location

One of the great things about buying a lodge, is not only can you pick a location that you love including places you may not be able to find conventional homes. This is because  lodges can be built in places that regular brick and mortar homes can’t normally get planning permission. Therefore, some extra stunning locations for you to choose from will become available.

3. Earn some extra income

When you’re not actually staying in your holiday lodge, you can rent it out to tourists and earn some money. If you’ve picked a lodge that you love and enjoy spending your free time in, then other people will love it too. With it being much easier to advertise your holiday properties online now, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do it all yourself.

You could enjoy earnings from weekly rents of around £700, depending on the area and time of year.

It’s also a great way of earning back or paying off your investment, as well seeing a return. The UK is a huge tourist spot all year round, so you can rent your holiday lodge out in every season.

4. Enjoy a rustic retreat

Whether you’re enjoying a break in your own lodge or renting it out to other people; quiet country breaks are becoming a lot more popular as tourists are moving away from holidaying in big cities and looking for more rustic retreats. Away from busy and loud locations.

Lodges provide that quiet rustic getaway, without having to forfeit comfort. They also provide escape from the everyday stresses that life brings.

5. Budget friendly holidays

Owning your own holiday lodge is a more economical way of having multiple holidays throughout the year and doing it in luxury style. While most people would only normally be able to stretch to the one holiday a year, with your own holiday lodge, you can have several holidays. Furthermore, the more you use it/rent it out, the more economical it becomes. Not only that but it’s great for anyone you are renting it out to, if they’re looking for a luxury but budget break.

It’s also much cheaper to own a holiday lodge than it is a bricks and mortar holiday home.

6. Low maintenance

The cost of materials used in holiday lodges and their design, usually mean that repairs are lower cost and often less frequent than in other types of accommodation.

That means you get much more out of your investment and a lot less stress than if you were to buy a property with a more expensive upkeep.

7. Easier to buy

Holiday lodges are much less complex and quicker to purchase than buying a residential property. There are also less expenses. So you save yourself a lot of headache and money when making your investment, which can’t be a bad thing at all.

8. A better investment

You can earn much more money renting a holiday lodge than you could with a simple buy-to-let, especially in peak seasons such as summer holidays, school half terms and Christmas/New Year. People are willing to pay more for a luxury break in a great location and your earning potential could be much greater than renting out a home or apartment for that reason. As a result you’ll likely see that return on investment quicker than you think.

Sounds good? If you think you’re ready to invest in your holiday lodge or you’d like some more information, take a look at our Sell My Lodge section.

We have some wonderful lodge parks including;

  • Lawnsdale Country Park in Lancashire, situated in a quiet semi-rural location between the coastal gem of Lytham and award-winning town of Wrea Green
  • Fishguard Bay Resort located in the heart of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park our stunning resort offers some of the most dramatic & breathtaking coastal views in the UK.
  • Moffat Manor Park, Moffat which is the ultimate holiday home destination for families looking for a luxurious and tranquil retreat amongst the beautiful Scottish countryside.
  • Ashlea Pools Holiday Park, Shropshire has been developed to offer families and couples alike a wonderful location from which to relax, regroup and enjoy making memories together.